The New Missionaries…Interviews, Instruction, Volleyball?

Before the transfer meeting starts the new elders have about 3 hours of training. President Dunn uses this time to interview each of the new elders and then prayerfully considers who should be their trainer and the area they should be born in…that is where they start their mission.

I took some pictures before going in to the training meeting – we were only there for the last hour. After the training, President Dunn had the arriving missionaries play the departing missionaries in quick – 15 – 20 minutes – game of volleyball. In this first ever event, the powerful departing missionaries beat the arriving missionaries. Maybe it is because they have learned to work together as Unity was one of the subjects president Omer taught.

22jul14 -  Stomps, Johnson 22jul14 - Brackett, Rako, McClelan, Richards

Elders Stomp and Johnson were two of the first elders I caught. They were closely followed by  EldersBrackett, Rako, McClelan, Richards

Mukarti, Haynes, Nherera XX, Rakotorimanana, Nherera

Elders Mukarti, Haynes, and Nherera – I think elder Nherera followed me around and jumped in when ever I was taking a picture. It is a good thing he is photogenic. Elders Rakotorimanana, and Nherera are to the right of an elder i do not know and could not read his name tag. If anyone knows who it is please let me know. I hate to not tag a missionary in a picture.

Ryan and me Elder Dummer teaching..

I have only known elder Ryan for a few weeks but I have been impressed by his testimony and hard work as he served as a Vaal zone leader with elder Flynn. He is now home in England and we hope to keep in touch. Elder Dummer instructing the new missionaries on finances.

Sister Hansen and Taylor training Sister Taylor with new elders

Sisters Hansen and Taylor give instructions on how to take care of their flats. Like washing dishes, defrosting freezers, occasionally cleaning the floors, toilet, etc. This usually gets done at least once a transfer when the senior couple comes around for inspection. However we have been to a couple of flats when we were not expected that looked pretty good. But it is the exception to the rule.

Elder Hansen Elder Clegg

Elder Hansen sits and listens. He has already told them about how to report problems with their flats and how to take care of their phones. He has a really big job because there are 60 plus flats to keep under repair. He and sister Hansen also are responsible for any moving of flats and of course finding new flats when there is a need and then seeing that it is completely stocked. I caught elder Clegg as he was getting ready to take off his coat and go play volleyball.

Transfer Volleyball Transfer Spectators

This the first official transfer day volleyball game between the departing and arriving missionaries. It only last 15-20 minutes but drew a good crowd who were probably mostly cheering for the departing missionaries who they had served with or at least knew.

2 thoughts on “The New Missionaries…Interviews, Instruction, Volleyball?

  1. Julianne Clegg

    Thank you for all the time you take to write up these experiences and take pictures of the missionaries and your experiences! I love looking through your blog as my son Elder Clegg has joined your great mission. Thank you for all you write and show so that we can get a “bird’s eye view” at home!

    1. Bill Post author

      Your son has come to a great mission and I am glad we could bring you a little closer to his experiences. There are a number of blogs by senior couples serving here that you will want to keep an eye on. They include President and Sister Dunn’s and others. You will find their addresses in our list of favorite sites. Perhaps some day Elder Clegg will be assigned here in the Ikageng district and we will get to know him well.


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