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We Meet South Africa Johannesburg Mission’s New President!



On July 3rd we were able to go up to Johannesburg with the Vaal Zone and have a very nice meet and greet with the new mission president and his wife. I must confess that I was less than diligent in taking pictures so I borrowed the Church News photo to post.

603744 3July14 - Flynn - Ryan beating APs PP 3July14 - PP - 3July14 - Sis Dunn and elders

While waiting for the meeting to start the elders played some pingpong and our powerful Vaal Zone leaders handily beat the assistants to the president. This in spite of the fact that the assistants have had lots of practice. With the pingpong match going on behind him, elder Cummings tried his hands at Fussball.

3July14 - Vaal Zone, Dunns, APs, US 2 3July14 - Vaal Zone, Dunns, APs, US 3 3July14 - Vaal Zone, Dunns, APs, US 4 3July14 - Vaal Zone, Dunns, APs, US

I posted all four pictures of the zone with the president because one never catches all the elders and sisters – our good friends E/S Dummer were there also – at their best.

President and Sister Dunn introduced the missionaries to the 7 maxims or general guidelines for the mission and explained what they meant.

1 – We believe it is a sacred and special opportunity to have been called to South Africa.

2 – We are a Doctrine of Christ and PMG Mission

3 – Joyful Obedience Brings Unimagined Rewards and Gladness

4 – If we are not failing once in a while we are probably not trying hard enough.

5 – We are a dynamic mission that will continually seek innovations through inspiration.

6 – Do the hard things first.