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Opps – I almost missed these important pictures

I went through the pictures that I had taken and downloaded on to iPhoto and noticed I missed using some. President and Sister Dunn spoke for just a few minutes each.

22jul14 - Pres Dunn Sister Dunn at pulpit 22jul14 - Going Home Elders... 22jul14 - Brown, Arthur

These departing missionaries sat on the stand through the meeting. As you can tell some of them seem to already be on their flights home – or at least dreaming about it. Elders Brown and Authur were kind enough to allow me to take their picture.

22jul14 - Brown. Johnson 22jul14 - Warton, KairuAnother brother Brown with our red-headed friend elder Johnson. And last but not least elders Warton and Kairu get their picture in our blog this transfer meeting. Goodbye to transfers until September…


The Rest of The Companionships – at least most

So here are the rest of the companionships and where they are serving. I am pretty sure I got 95% of them but if I missed your missionary I am truly sorry and hope you can find him in one of the other pictures that I took.

IMG_5385 IMG_5400 IMG_5401 IMG_5402 IMG_5404 IMG_5405 IMG_5406 IMG_5407 IMG_5408 IMG_5410 IMG_5411 IMG_5412 IMG_5413 IMG_5414 IMG_5415 IMG_5416 IMG_5417 IMG_5418 IMG_5419 IMG_5420 IMG_5421 IMG_5422 IMG_5423 IMG_5424 IMG_5426 IMG_5427 IMG_5429 IMG_5430 IMG_5432 IMG_5433 IMG_5434 IMG_5435 IMG_5436 IMG_5437 IMG_5439 IMG_5384 IMG_5385 IMG_5386 IMG_5387 IMG_5388 IMG_5390 IMG_5391 IMG_5392 IMG_5393 IMG_5394 IMG_5398 IMG_5399

Transfer Meeting – The New Missionaries


Transfer meeting was held in the chapel with Elder Bodily conducting. Each new missionary was invited to come up and quickly introduce themselves and bear a very short testimony. Unfortunately I either missed getting some of them or the picture came out so bad I could not stand to post it. I apologize for those I missed but I may have caught some after the meeting with their new companion. The rest of the pictures have the names of the missionaries, who will be their trainer and where they will serve.

Bodily KufoalorElder Bodily, one of the APs, conducted the meeting. I found out after the meeting that he would be going home between transfers in just 4 weeks so he can get into school. Elder Kufoalor is from Ghana.

McQueen Wong

Elder McQueen comes to the mission from New Zealand but most recently Australia. Elder Won is also from New Zealand and related his very mixed ethnic background that should make his genealogy really interesting.

Garnica Smith-Holley

Elder Garnica is from Mexico and proud of it as he told the group that he was a real Mexican! Elder Smith-Holley is  the third New Zealand missionary in this group.

Clegg McCartney

Elder Clegg is one of three elders from Utah – in his case Lehi. Next to him is elder McCartney who is from Scotland.

ReavelyTaylorElder Reavely is from Utah as is elder Taylor who is from Lindon.  I am sorry that I missed getting elder Etiang from Uganda picture while he was on the stand. The terrible thing is I also missed his companionship picture.

IMG_5383 IMG_5382 IMG_5381 IMG_5380 IMG_5379 IMG_5378 IMG_5377 IMG_5376 IMG_5375

The New Missionaries…Interviews, Instruction, Volleyball?

Before the transfer meeting starts the new elders have about 3 hours of training. President Dunn uses this time to interview each of the new elders and then prayerfully considers who should be their trainer and the area they should be born in…that is where they start their mission.

I took some pictures before going in to the training meeting – we were only there for the last hour. After the training, President Dunn had the arriving missionaries play the departing missionaries in quick – 15 – 20 minutes – game of volleyball. In this first ever event, the powerful departing missionaries beat the arriving missionaries. Maybe it is because they have learned to work together as Unity was one of the subjects president Omer taught.

22jul14 -  Stomps, Johnson 22jul14 - Brackett, Rako, McClelan, Richards

Elders Stomp and Johnson were two of the first elders I caught. They were closely followed by  EldersBrackett, Rako, McClelan, Richards

Mukarti, Haynes, Nherera XX, Rakotorimanana, Nherera

Elders Mukarti, Haynes, and Nherera – I think elder Nherera followed me around and jumped in when ever I was taking a picture. It is a good thing he is photogenic. Elders Rakotorimanana, and Nherera are to the right of an elder i do not know and could not read his name tag. If anyone knows who it is please let me know. I hate to not tag a missionary in a picture.

Ryan and me Elder Dummer teaching..

I have only known elder Ryan for a few weeks but I have been impressed by his testimony and hard work as he served as a Vaal zone leader with elder Flynn. He is now home in England and we hope to keep in touch. Elder Dummer instructing the new missionaries on finances.

Sister Hansen and Taylor training Sister Taylor with new elders

Sisters Hansen and Taylor give instructions on how to take care of their flats. Like washing dishes, defrosting freezers, occasionally cleaning the floors, toilet, etc. This usually gets done at least once a transfer when the senior couple comes around for inspection. However we have been to a couple of flats when we were not expected that looked pretty good. But it is the exception to the rule.

Elder Hansen Elder Clegg

Elder Hansen sits and listens. He has already told them about how to report problems with their flats and how to take care of their phones. He has a really big job because there are 60 plus flats to keep under repair. He and sister Hansen also are responsible for any moving of flats and of course finding new flats when there is a need and then seeing that it is completely stocked. I caught elder Clegg as he was getting ready to take off his coat and go play volleyball.

Transfer Volleyball Transfer Spectators

This the first official transfer day volleyball game between the departing and arriving missionaries. It only last 15-20 minutes but drew a good crowd who were probably mostly cheering for the departing missionaries who they had served with or at least knew.