Transfer Meeting – The New Missionaries


Transfer meeting was held in the chapel with Elder Bodily conducting. Each new missionary was invited to come up and quickly introduce themselves and bear a very short testimony. Unfortunately I either missed getting some of them or the picture came out so bad I could not stand to post it. I apologize for those I missed but I may have caught some after the meeting with their new companion. The rest of the pictures have the names of the missionaries, who will be their trainer and where they will serve.

Bodily KufoalorElder Bodily, one of the APs, conducted the meeting. I found out after the meeting that he would be going home between transfers in just 4 weeks so he can get into school. Elder Kufoalor is from Ghana.

McQueen Wong

Elder McQueen comes to the mission from New Zealand but most recently Australia. Elder Won is also from New Zealand and related his very mixed ethnic background that should make his genealogy really interesting.

Garnica Smith-Holley

Elder Garnica is from Mexico and proud of it as he told the group that he was a real Mexican! Elder Smith-Holley is  the third New Zealand missionary in this group.

Clegg McCartney

Elder Clegg is one of three elders from Utah – in his case Lehi. Next to him is elder McCartney who is from Scotland.

ReavelyTaylorElder Reavely is from Utah as is elder Taylor who is from Lindon.  I am sorry that I missed getting elder Etiang from Uganda picture while he was on the stand. The terrible thing is I also missed his companionship picture.

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