February 2015 – This, That and Some Others…

Random pictures from this week . We finished another puzzle this week. The hard part – or at least the part we did last – was the wolf. Lots of different shades and they designed the cuts so that two pieces next to each other did not look like they could possibly go together. But that is what makes doing puzzles both frustrating and yet fun.

Load Shedding is the term they use here for rolling blackouts due to a shortage of electricity. It seems to be a big problem this year due to both demand and lack of capacity. The sign below is from Woolworths which although in a mall that sometimes goes dark has it’s own generator. The elders like to eat at a Chinese place near our flat that cooks with gas instead of electricity so they can provide hot food even when the lights go out.

IMG_8186 IMG_8187

I continue to drop in at the Tembe webcam at least once a day. Usually I get rewarded with elephants and lots of antelope.  I like the bookend pair of elephants without any books. I was also happy to see a couple of waterbuck that do not show up very often. The lower right picture was from this morning and it has elephants, impalas and even two waterbuck. Now where are the lions and giraffes? Well as the game drive guides always say – you never know what you are going to see in a game reserve.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 9.45.53 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 7.00.24 AM_2 Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.19.56 PM Elephants, impalas and waterbuck

2 thoughts on “February 2015 – This, That and Some Others…

  1. Sandy Mickelsen

    I think being trapped in the church building would make a great story for the Church News, especially since you didn’t have to kick out the door! Love you transfer prediction chart – I still have in my journal from Florida the famous little charts and the outcome of the predictions. That was the hard part, saying goodbye to those elders and sisters we came to love as we shared district meetings together. When this group of assistants live to go home in May, there will be some real tears shed because they have become like our own sons and grandsons. Thanks for posting the Tembe pictures -love them, love them and like you said, you seem to capture those amazing elephants. Do you do a puzzle every week or just whenever you finish the current one? Take care of each other – we love you both and appreciate our friendship. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    1. Bill Post author

      We try to keep track of the elders who are transferred but most of the time we will only get to see them at some future transfer meeting. By then they have moved on and we have become close to another group of elders. When one puzzle is finished we usually buy another one. With no TV it is our relaxing time project. Some take a week and there is one that we have never finished because it takes just too much effort to even find one piece. But we have not given up only put it aside. Valentine Day has already passed for you – did you do anything special or just enjoyed a Saturday relaxing. Hope you also made it through Friday the 13th without any problem.


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