You Never Know Who You will Meet in the Township

Last night we were in Ikageng sitting in our car waiting for the branch president to finish an interview. There was a number of young people gathered at our windows watching us play games on our iPads. A man walked up and started talking to me. I found out that he lived nearby, had four sons, and worked for a tire shop near our flat. I mentioned that one of our tires seemed to have a slow leak and he said that if I brought it in the next morning he would take care of it. I asked his name and he said – Just ask for Wonderboy.

So this morning I drove over to the shop and he came out to help me. After looking at the poor tread on the tire, I decided that it would be safer to buy a new tire instead of getting the current one fixed.

The last time I had a couple of tires replaced I had to sit around for almost 2 hours and they still did not get balanced. This time it took 20 minutes from the time I drove up until I drove out. Wonderboy and the rest of the staff were not only very friendly but also very efficient.

Now I just have to get the elders over to meet him and his family.

IMG_8206    IMG_8207

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