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Friday is District Meeting….

6feb15 - DM - Taylor, Liera, Oldroyd

Friday is of course district meeting and elders Taylor, Liera and Oldroyd were talking on the front steps when elder Taylor took elder Oldroyd’s name tag. As you can see Elder Taylor is about 8″ taller and a few pounds heavier than elder Oldroyd.

6feb15 - DM - Oldroyd, Taylor, Liera, Rami - wrestling 6feb15 - DM - Oldroyd carrying Taylor

After some good natured horseplay while the rest of us looked on, elder Oldroyd carried elder Taylor down the walk.

6feb15 - DM - Mary, Rami 6feb15 - DM - Elder Taylor conducting 6feb15 - DM - Taylor, McAllister, Di Ruscio 2 6feb15 - DM - Oldroyd, Rami 6feb15 - DM - Taylor, Oldroyd, Rami - 6feb15 - DM - Di Ruscio, Liera backingDistrict meeting includes each pair of elders talking about a couple of their investigators who are on date to be baptized, a couple of new promising investigators and a couple of less active members that have started coming back to church. In the last picture elders Di Ruscio and Liera are backing their cars out onto the street. Any time a mission car is backed up one of the elders is supposed to guide the driver to safely reverse. Unfortunately sometimes the backer is not paying attention and the car runs into something…but the idea is a good one.