Daily Archives: February 3, 2015

Young Single Adults – FHE

FHE with the Young Single Adults is both educational and fun. Sister Ratema, one of the YSA representatives, gave an excellent lesson on the first three articles of faith. I really liked her teaching style because she kept asking questions instead of just lecturing or reading her lesson. Many teachers could learn from her. After the lesson they played a Book of Mormon bingo a few times and then switched to their favorite – Book of Mormon ‘Go Fish.’ There are lots of smiles and laughs as they try to out think each other. They are learning to keep a straight face when someone is trying to figure out who to ask next and then there is a round of laughter when they either get it right or wrong. There were 9 from the branch there besides ourselves. Next week we are going to be gone so they will have to do all the work.

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