14 February 2015 – Valentine Day – Dance Practice

There is going to be a three branch dinner dance for the youth on 21 March and so today there was a dance practice led by Omphile Mokate and Kea Seakgosing. There were not a lot of youth there but everyone seems to have had a great time because there was a lot of smiles and laughter. Hopefully next week there will be more youth present.

14Feb15 - Dance - 114Feb15 - Dance - 214Feb15 - Dance - 314Feb15 - Dance - 414Feb15 - Dance - Kea in the grove14Feb15 - Dance - Nasi, Jacque, Kea, Omphile14Feb15 - Dance - Omphile, Kea, Viona, Nasi

Kea and Omphile are an item and they really got into the swing of things. It is wonderful to see young couples in the church enjoy each other.


Mary and I had an unplanned romantic candlelight dinner. They are having a problem about the amount of electricity that can be produced and how much is needed. So throughout the country they have a program called load shedding where they shut off electricity to wide areas for 3 – 4 hours. Ours went off just before sunset and so we lit the candles and had dinner. Luckily we had already planned to have a tuna salad and that did not take any power to prepare.



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