The New and Still Famous Ikageng District…

We went to the first district meeting of this transfer. With transfers comes change and this transfer really changed the Ikageng district. Only 2 of the elders who were here last Friday are still here. Potchefstroom was whitewashed – that means both elder were taken out – when Elders Kelem and Msangi departed for home after serving powerful missions. Elder Perkins was transferred out of Klerksdorp and elder Mdletshe was transferred out of Jouberton. So here is the new Ikageng District in all their glory…


I know it is hard to tell the difference but the one on the left is the serious one while the one on the right is the crazy pose. From left to right in the pictures we have Elders Graham, Larsen – who serve in Klerksdorp, Fidl, Otieno – who serve in Jouberton, Loumann and Perez who serve in Ikageng.



Elder Fidl wanted a picture with the senior couples so he joined us and E/S Dummer. Elder Fidl came out with two other elders from Rwanda – the first missionaries ever to serve from that country. What I found interesting is that he pronounces his country Wanda with a completely silent R. We talked for a little while and he said that in the 19 months he has been on his mission his ward has been divide 3 times. But he is concerned about what he will do for a living when he goes home – it is a problem that a majority of our great African missionaries face. Hopefully the new self-reliance program that two of our good friends are involved in will help solve this problem in the future.

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