This and That of a Senior Mission

While we spend a good deal of our time visiting members, going to meetings,      working with missionaries, and just taking care of missionary business, we also have everyday things we need to do where ever we live and whatever we are doing. Here is a few things that we have experienced this week.

July14 - Chix speciaJuly14 - Birds Nest

We of course have to eat and usually once a day we get something from a fast food place. In a small center less than a mile from our house there is a number of them and one is called Chix. They are just across a driveway from a KFC and are little in the way of competition for the Colonel. However on Monday they have a great special. A nice chicken burger – great bun, generous chicken breast and tasty sauce – plus two pieces of their fried chicken. Since the burger is plenty to eat for lunch we save the chicken for a later meal. All of this cost about $2.50 US. 

Now that it is winter here of course most of the trees are bare. Outside our flat is a tree where I noticed a couple of these unusual nest. I should remember what the name of the bird is that makes them but for not it escapes me but the nests are neat little houses to bring up a family until they can fly away.

July14 - birds Nest CloseJuly14 - Power and PanelJuly14 - New Power MonitorJuly14 - Electric Purchase


Until yesterday our electricity was billed to the landlord who then billed the mission. But for some reason the owner did not like this arrangement so we now have a prepaid meter to contend with. This means we have to go to the store and buy an amount of electricity. Then the long number on the bottom of the ticket is entered into the keypad and we then have electricity – at least until the meter reads 0. This is something we do not want to have happen so every time we go into the garage we check the reading. Other than I have to pay cash in advance,  enter a long number, and remember to tell elder Thompson how much we spent for electricity during the month so he can give us credit off our car charges it is not a big thing. However it was a lot easier when the bill went to the mission.


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