We Call it Camping….

Tuesday we went to the mall so I could return something and Mary could do some shopping. While we were there I saw this sign in the window of an outdoor store much like Out N Back. I have always thought that if you had the supplies and equipment to spend a week camping you were certainly prepared for anything that would require a 72 hour supply.IMG_9375 IMG_9378

We went to the school where Mary helped sisters Thulo and Williams to prepare to have their parents sealed in the temple. I took three pictures and in everyone sister Williams closed her eyes. I was along to solve problems which I was happy to do the couple of times it was needed.

IMG_9379 IMG_9380While Mary was busy with genealogy and later piano lessons, I visited a member. While on my way there I saw this young man patting the springbok mural on the school wall. Who can pass up taking a picture of such a cute child. Sister Lebo is Mary’s most devoted student and is doing very well for only 5 weeks of lessons. After the lesson we drove her home and found out that she had volunteered at game reserves in the area and knew the Faan Meintjes Reserve we went to yesterday.

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