P-Day Game Drive Plus…

We decided to spend the morning on a game drive at the nature reserve outside of Klerksdorp. It was an adventure just getting there as we went the back way instead of going through Klerksdorp. Turning off the N12 we had nice road for about half the way and then we found ourselves on decent gravel roads. At least it prepared us for the unpaved roads we would find in the reserve.

01 IMG_9374  IMG_9330

In the two drives we have taken at this reserve we have only seen one other vehicle that might have been on a drive. I do not think it is a very popular place to go – at least not during the week. They have cabins, an educational centre (England you know) and a really nice picnic area – none of which were occupied.

IMG_9329 IMG_9336

As we started our drive we got this wonderful view of valley below. It had been foggy on the way to the reserve but it was burning off an you can see the blue in the sky. It was perfect weather for the drive – warm but not really hot. We were greeted by a good size herd of impalas. Later talking to the warden at the gate he was surprised that we saw this many impalas together because the week before he had taken 4 drives and only saw an occasional impala. So it is with game drives  – sometimes you see lots of animals an at others they seem to be all hiding.

IMG_9338 IMG_9341

We saw lots of gemsbok but this big fellow was all alone and gave us a good looking over as we drove by. Zebras are alway fun to find – we did not see any by themselves but these three were among a herd of Hartebeest. I do not remember seeing any hartebeest on our last drive.

IMG_9342 IMG_9343 IMG_9344 IMG_9345

We finally found the giraffes.There are 7 in the reserve and I think we saw 5 of them. Most at a distance at first but then we found the road drove right next to them so we got a good look and pictures.

IMG_9348 IMG_9350 IMG_9352 IMG_9358     IMG_9360 IMG_9363 IMG_9365

While taking pictures of some distant wildebeests, I noticed this interesting looking tree sculpture.

IMG_9356 IMG_9369

A herd of gemsbok and a zebra among some wildebeests. I never got a good shot of the wildebeests.

IMG_9372 IMG_9373

The male South African Shelduck was swimming while the female was just enjoying the sunshine.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.17.01 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.21.01 PM


There are no elephants in the reserve but when we got home I went to the Tembe webcam and found this rather good size herd of them around the water hole. Notice the really young one in the lower right hand corner of the left hand picture. The herd contained all ages from large males to this little one…if some the size of a small car can be called little.

2 thoughts on “P-Day Game Drive Plus…

  1. Sandy Mickelsen

    Thanks for our little game drive, especially the giraffes and elephants. During our excursion in the hinterlands and surrounding hillsides, my mind kept saying, where are the animals. Never tire of game drives. We keep wondering about the temple in Durban and might be happening there. It would be great to all go back for a temple dedication and then go back to Tembe or something fun like it. Do you plan to go to Kreuger? before you return home?

    Piano lessons are so valuable and beneficial for everyone and Mary seems to have the knack for teaching! Keep up all the great work you two are doing. Love you both!!

    1. Bill Post author

      We have permission from our president to spend some time at Kruger for our anniversary so we will be going there in June. I do not think they even have a site yet.


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