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Friday Afternoon – Seminary and A Swizzler Hunt

Mary held seminary on Friday this week but unfortunately few came as most of the students decided they would rather enjoy another day of their vacation from school. Sister Neo – the new YW president came to learn about what we did for seminary and YM/YW activities. We are hoping that in the future the YW presidency – and eventually a YM presidency will conduct the activity time. This year’s lesson is on the D&C with todays lesson being on the healing power of the Priesthood. I got to share a number of stories about health blessings I have been able to give.

DSCN0124 DSCN0125 DSCN0126

With Easter coming we had thought of decorating eggs and then having an Easter egg hunt. However they do not decorate eggs here – probably because almost all their eggs are a nice deep brown and would not show much in the way of dye. So I hid about 40 orange Swizzler – a kind of chewy candy – and they had a great time looking for them. The nice thing about Swizzlers is that they are small enough that they can be hidden much easier than eggs. The four seekers found about the same pieces of candy and had a lot of fun doing it.

Before and after the hunt they students had a spiritual activity so it was not all fun and games. The final part of the afternoon was digging into donuts sticky but oh so good chocolate and cinnamon sugar ones.

DSCN0129 DSCN0131 DSCN0134 DSCN0135

The New District Meets for the First Time…

The new – that is current – district met in Klerksdorp for the first time. When this car drove up to the gate I thought it was tan and therefore not the Klerksdorp/Jouberton elders. But then I noticed that there was some white under the tan. IMG_9157 IMG_9158

It seems that was a larger than usual mud puddle on one of the Jouberton streets and the elders felt it was there duty to go back and forth through it to pack it down for others. They picked a speed that was not too slow because they were afraid of getting stuck. I think this is the first time I have ever seen a mission car that had mud all over the top and not just on the sides, bonnet and boot! Notice the clean Ikageng area car in the background – it also serves in a township but the elders try to avoid large mud puddles.

IMG_9159 IMG_9160 IMG_9163 IMG_9164

The Klerksdorp companionship is now elders Peterson and DiRuscio – elder Peterson has been out for about 14 months. The Ikageng area is now in the capable hands of elders Alvial and Barton. For the third week in a row they did not bring their area book for elder Oldroyd to review.

IMG_9165 IMG_9166

Elders Petersen and DiRuscio did bring their area book that allows the district leader to see that they are keeping it up with the information about their investigators and less actives. Two Sundays ago the Klerksdorp elders had 3 baptisms and last week the Ikageng elders had two so the district is again leading the zone!

IMG_9168 IMG_9170 IMG_9171 IMG_9172

Elder Oldroyd is a well prepared district leader and enthusiastic about his calling. The first official – at least for me – picture of elders DiRuscio and Peterson as companionsIMG_9174 IMG_9175 IMG_9176 IMG_9178 IMG_9179 IMG_9181

After the meeting it was time for some pictures. It took a while to get them all together but I finally got a shot of the district. In the back is elders Di Ruscio, Peterson, Todd and Oldroyd while elders Barton and Alvial occupy the step. Elder Alvial decided that the mud car needed to have a flame job on the side so he used his talent and now dirty finger to draw them. As they say – different strokes for different folks…