Daily Archives: April 2, 2015

This and That…

After transfers it has been rather quiet and I found that I did not take many pictures but the few I did take are at least interesting to me so I decided to put them in our blog.IMG_9149 IMG_9150

My barber moved again and once again the notice on the old space was in Afrikaans so I could not read it. But a nice security person told me where to look for it. I was greatly surprised at how big the new shop is and well furnished. I do not know how much he pays for rent but he must do a lot of $6.00 haircuts to pay the rent.

IMG_9151 IMG_9152

As I walked to the new location I ran across this very long line of people waiting to get their pensions. On the first of each month there are lines like this all over South Africa but this is the longest one I have seen as it went all the way out the door of the mall. IMG_9154 IMG_9156

Elder Liera was transferred and elder Barton will now serve the Potchefstroom branch with elder Alvial. Elder Barton is a seasoned missionary with just 3 transferred remaining so he will probably ‘die’ here. I took this picture on Thursday when I picked up their laundry to take home and wash for them. Their brand new washing machine will not work and they were in great need for some clean clothes – elder Alvial was down to this one white shirt. On Wednesday we finished our latest 1550 piece puzzle that turned out to not be as hard as we originally thought. The hardest part was putting the frame together as it was the same pattern all the way around. If there had not been different shapes and sizes we would still be trying to figure it out.