22 February 2015 – Another Beautiful Sabbath Day

Once again the Potchefstroom branch was blessed with perfect weather for our meetings. Everyone is use to elder Pier taking pictures when the Saints gather. It is kind of a record of our Sundays here in Ikageng.

IMG_8437 IMG_8438

Brother Menzi is young man who is a fairly recent convert. Sister Thato Kujane is an amazing young woman who gives some of the best prepared lessons and also fills in for other teachers on a moments notice. Brother Williams is really happy to greet an young man who returned this year to go to college. In the background brother Omphile – the 2nd counselor talks to sister Disney.

IMG_8439 IMG_8440

Sister Kea in pink talks to sister Ratema while brother Ncapayi – the branch elders quorum president – looks on. Most of the young women in the branch gather together between classes. The William sisters, sister Lekebe, and sister Ntabiseng can be seen while sister Shavonne in pink is hidden behind one of the William sisters.

IMG_8441 IMG_8442

Sisters Kea and Ratema stuck a pose for their glamour shot. Brother Williams with brother Tenishe talk about old times.


Sister Kujane in the foreground is the RS president.

IMG_8447 IMG_8448

On March 21st the YM and YW of three branches are going to get together for a special dinner dance. Today the YM officially invited the YW to the dance by giving them each a rose with a written invitation attached. Papa Thulo was able to give his sister her rose.

IMG_8451 IMG_8453


After the block I took this picture of Omphile and Kea who are a couple and you can see why. Then there is the picture of elder Liera, sister Renny, elder Alvial, and brother Louw who were about the last ones left besides us.

So there were lots of smile, a spiritual sacrament meeting, and well prepared lessons for Sunday School, PH, RS and other classes. I did not get a picture of the primary but they could be clearly heard singing “Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree,” and other familiar Primary songs. As the 50th section of the D&C says all were edified!


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