16 February 2015 – Hair Cut, Car Wash, Lunch with the Elders

It was a fairly busy P-day. I went to get my hair cut and who should appear while I was waiting but elders Liera and Taylor. This was elder Taylor’s last few hours in Potchefstroom and he came with his companion who needed a haircut before he appeared at transfer meeting tomorrow.

IMG_8236IMG_8235  IMG_8233

After the haircut I spent the normal hour plus getting the car washed. It really need it and the local car wash was not too busy. As usual they did a great job and even with a tip it cost under $7.

IMG_8244 IMG_8245

Since it was elder Taylor’s last day here, we took them to their favorite Chinese restaurant. We had actually introduced them to it earlier and elder Taylor discovered he really likes sushi. We will miss elder Taylor – we tend to miss all those we serve with but some make more of an impression than others. Elder Taylor is a true gentle giant – both physically and spiritually. I will always remember him when I put on the beaded African tie he made for me. We in turn gave him one our Big 5 African ties so he will remember us.

IMG_8237 IMG_8238 IMG_8241 IMG_8243

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