Report – Party

We reported on our mission on Sunday the 30th. I am afraid I was a little preachy about the need for couple missionaries. I would have been kinder but I did not have enough time left to really do it properly so I just bore in. A number of parents of some of the elders we served with in South Africa, Joburg mission, the Roberts who we served with in Indonesia, the Bartholomews who we served with in Richards Bay, the Nuzmans who followed us in Richards Bay, our dear friend Fran Anderson and Frank Knowles who was our trainer in Potch all came to our sacrament meeting. There was also a good number of FFL RMs there.

After the meeting we came home where the family and some of the great FFL RMs gathered to have some lunch, have a good time talking about what has been going on in their lives, and just to say welcome home to us. It was a great time.

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