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31 July 2014 – Last, Last Last Lunch?

When we started serving in Richards Bay in 2009 the Hafens and Bartholomews introduced us to a tradition called the Last Supper. On the Sunday before transfers all the elders in the one were invited over to the Hafen’s home for a Last Supper. It was called that because almost every transfer one or more missionaries would be transferred out of the zone. After the Hafens and Bartholomews finished their mission we continued the tradition. On the last Sunday before we left the mission we had what we ended up calling the Last Last Supper.

When we got to Fort Lauderdale we decided we would like to continue the tradition for the district we met with. However president Anderson wanted the missionaries out working during Prime Time so we changed the  it to being a Last Lunch of each transfer and of course that made the final one the Last Last Lunch. And so it has been here in the Johannesburg mission as we held them after the last district meeting before transfers.

Below are pictures for the transfers Last Lunch and since we will be home for the next transfer it is this mission’s Last Last Lunch – are you following me? Since this may be our last mission – only the Lord knows at this time if that is true – that would make this our Last Last Last Lunch.

This missions Last Last Lunch was with elders Wild and Hentunen, Elders Peterson and McCartney and elders Khwela and Tarauskis. As usual here in Klerksdorp, we held at McDonalds!

IMG_1193 IMG_1196

IMG_1194 Below on the left is the Richards Bay Zone at their last Last Supper and on the right is the Fort Lauderdale zone at their last Last Lunch.  However the actual Last Lunch we had while serving in Fort Lauderdale was with five above average sisters who we had come to love but were no longer in our zone.

04 July 2010 - Elders - RB Zone 1 25-9-April-13-LL-District-Crazy-1-300x225 19-April-2013-Lunch-with-sisters-300x225