04 August 2015 – Last Transfer – New Missionaries

It was a special transfer meeting in a number of ways. Not only was it the largest transfer for the mission – especially when you consider that 46 missionaries were recently transferred to the Botswana/Namibia mission – but it also introduced president Dunn’s new counselors. Presidents  Klintworth and Msane have just been approved and set apart – they will be a great help to President Dunn as they can do temple interviews and callings under his direction. They will be sustained in mission dependent branches.

IMG_1279    IMG_1280 IMG_1283 IMG_1281 IMG_1282 IMG_1284

After the new counselors introduced themselves and bore their testimonies sister Dunn gave some counsel and then president Dunn spoke to the elders about being reverent and respectful in the chapel. He especially stressed the need for these attributes during transfer meeting when sometimes the elders get a little noisy and physical when some of the companionships show up on the screen. This had an immediate affect on the rest of the transfer meeting. There was still some sounds from the elders but not nearly as much as before.

Next came the time for the new missionaries to introduce themselves and then they were introduced to their trainers.

IMG_1285 IMG_1310

Elder West – Australia

IMG_1286 IMG_1317

Elder J.J. Ahome’e – American Samoa

IMG_1288 IMG_1305

Elder Mbiriwiri – Zimbabwe

IMG_1290 IMG_1319

Elder Ete – Samoa

IMG_1291 IMG_1312

Elder Eki – Switzerland

IMG_1292 IMG_1315

Elder Malunga – Zimbabwe

IMG_1294_2 IMG_1306

Elder Matanga – Zimbabwe

IMG_1295_2 IMG_1307

Elder Hlophe – South Africa

IMG_1296_2 IMG_1311

Elder Derera – Zimbabwe

IMG_1297_2 IMG_1309

Elder Gramu – Zimbabwe

IMG_1298_2 IMG_1304

Elder Njovane – South Africa

IMG_1299_2 IMG_1314

Elder Zitumane – South Africa

IMG_1301_2 IMG_1308

Elder Muweesi – Uganda

IMG_1303_2 IMG_1316 

Elder  Randrianavalona – Madagascar

IMG_1318 Elder Valikoula – Tonga – came to the mission a few weeks ago and is being trained by elder Tukia the former Vaal Zone Leader.

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