Transfers – A Few More Pictures….

Here are a few more pictures that I took at transfer meeting…

nov14 - trans - Lyon nov14 - trans - Johnson - hidden

Elder Lyon talking to elder Rami. In another transfer post there is a picture of the two of them facing the camera. I was taking a picture of elder Johnson when this elder walked between us.

nov14 - trans - Johnson with sis Lyon and mother nov14 - trans - Rushton, PerezLater I got a picture of elder Johnson with  sister Dunn and her mother who is visiting from the US. Elder Rushton is the new companion with our dear friend elder Perez.

nov14 - trans - Perkins, johnson nov14 - trans - Liera, TaylorElders Perkins and Johnson are now companions serving in Tembisa 1. Elder Liera stays in Ikageng with elder Taylor from Arizona as his companion.

nov14 - trans - us and Perez

We had to have one last photo with elder Perez as he moved to his new area and companion.

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