Daily Archives: November 15, 2014

Birds, Birds and More Birds


I just can not seem to get enough of the birds that drop into our yard for their meals. Most of them are weavers, sparrows and doves but we do get an occasional hadedah. And sometimes we get some really big birds dropping to roll in the mud hole!

nov14 - red bird 2 Mina Bird Hadedahs Hadedah nov14 - flock 179bba69_2550823Just wanted to see if anyone really reads what I write!


A Busy Thursday – Flat Inspections – Seminary – Activity Night

nov14 - Sharpsville - Whitesides, Rogers nov14 - Seebo 1 - elder Kuk, Hen, Kalan nov14 - Orange Farm - Thompson, Dutson nov14 - Ennerdale - May, Stilgoe 1nov14 - ZL 692

nov14 - Seminary 1 Sunset