Daily Archives: November 28, 2014

A visit to Parys and District Meeting

After traveling up to Joburg on Tuesday we took elders Liera and his new companion up to Parys to meet sister Bobbi and her dear friend Louis. After a nice visit we took a short walk near her flat where we took a look at a restaurant that is nestled in a lovely forest setting. She then showed us a very unusual tree. The rainbow eucalyptus basically sheds it bark and this exposes a multi-coloured (I put the u in because sister Bobbi says Americans can not spell correctly) inner skin. This tree had muted blues, pinks and grays but if you google the name you will see that other ones can be amazingly colorful (without a u.)

Nov14 - Bobbi, Liera, Taylor, Mary Nov14 - Louis Nov14 - Mary and O's sign Nov14 - in the restaurant Nov14 - colored tree full Nov14 - colored tree

On Friday the new Ikageng district met for the first time. Elder McAllister is elder Mukasa new companion while elder Rami’s new companion is elder Oldroyd new companion.

Nov14 - McAllister Nov14 - Rami, Oldroyd Nov14 - District, Dummers 2 Nov14 - Rami, Taylor - grandfather.

Here is the whole district with elder and sister Dummer. I found out that elder Rami is elder Taylor grandson!

nov14 - wet seat

During the week there was a very heavy rain storm here in Ikageng. In Klerksdorp where we hold the district meetings there was a powerful hail storm that tore up the chapel roof and then the rain flooded much of the building. To give you an idea of how much water got into the building, this chair has about an inch of water sitting in it. It is going to take a lot of work to get things dried out for Sunday’s meeting. Unfortunately almost all the hymn books got wet.

nov14 - flock of birds nov14 - red birdFriday morning I got a photo of this flock of about a dozen weavers and sparrows having breakfast in our backyard. I can not seem to get enough pictures of the red bishop weavers – there are at least two males who visit – so here is the latest.