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Saturday – A Trip to the Temple Brings a Surprise

One of the great blessings of being in the Johannesburg Mission is that the temple is only about 90 minutes away if the traffic is not terrible. This Saturday we were there with a sister from the branch who was taking out her endowment so she can be married later to her returned Durban missionary. We did not serve with elder Bryan Vilakazi but some of our senior friends had that opportunity. Sister Kgolagano Ratema – we call her Meisie – is the Primary president in the Potchefstroom branch. 

We all enjoyed the peace and spirit of the temple which was very, very busy with a number of personal endowments and marriages being preformed. The temple staff is very kind and thoughtful and while busy never seems hurried or harried.

inov14 - tem - couple Fountain 1nov14 - tem - the couple, Moroni

Trying get the couple and Moroni in the same shot was not easy but worth it.

1nov14 - tem - Us, kujane, Mazie, 1nov14 - tem - us, mazie, bryan Vilakazi

inov14 - tem - couple, KK, Kujane inov14 - tem - happy couple - me

Branch president Kwaikwai and the Relief Society president sister Kujane went with us. Sister Kujane was her escort.

inov14 - tem - happy couple bench 1 inov14 - tem - maize Fountain inov14 - tem - Baldwins 1nov14 - tem - Laura and Mary

The big surprise was that in our session were some of the Baldwin family who we know from our time serving in Richards Bay. They were there to support Lara Baldwin – the sister in the white blouse – as she went through for her endowments. She is getting married in the temple at the end of this month and we hope to be able to be back for that. It was a choice experience to share the temple session with these fine Richards Bay saints.

1nov14 - tem - Agapantha 1nov14 - tem - red tree

As we walked back to our car I noticed this big, very beautiful red tree in the area offices yard. As I got closer to take a picture there was a plot of rich agapanthus in full bloom and I could not pass up a quick shot of one. While the grounds are beautiful, the real beauty and peace is found when you enter the sacred temple itself.