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Sunday – Pictures – Most with Children

Sunday was pretty much normal for us. After picking up some people we get to the school before 7:30 and I start bringing out things to set up the big room for meetings. Sister Brummer is one of our early riders and she is busy setting up for Relief Society and then helps with the chapel.

Between and after meetings I took some pictures and some include members holding sister Eunice’s baby son. He has no shortage of people to watch and hold him. Both male and female.

nov14 - Omphile, Papa, child nov14 - Papa, child nov14 - Renny and child

nov14 - Maisie, Dolly nov14 - Maisie, Renny

Then of course there are posed pictures…

nov14 - Mary playing


While I am setting up the chapel and going to branch presidency meetings Mary does a couple of more runs to pick up members. Then she plays for sacrament, primary – as they get ready for the Primary program next week, Relief Society and today choir practice for branch conference in a couple of weeks.

nov14 - Little pink girl nov14 - preschool children


In the evening we went home teaching. At sister Mogapi’s pre-school we found children about to head to their homes. The little lady in pink was inside a red tent and the sun shining through the red turned the ground pink. She was very shy but as we were leaving she did wave goodbye. Outside the tent these four little ones loved to have their picture taken. Although they live on dirt streets in often dirt floored homes, notice that the children and their clothes clean!



Intensive English Classes – 2007-2008 in Indonesia

In 2007 we were given the opportunity to set up and teach what became an Intensive English class for qualified Indonesian returned missionaries. They got to come into Jakarta and for a month spent all day and some nights improving their English through reading, writing,  and speaking English. They were chosen because they already had good English skills but needed to improve if they were going to go to BYU Hawaii or get better jobs where excellent English was required.

Now some 7-8 years later we can look back and see how these classes helped those we have been able to keep in touch with. Many have been married in the temple and now have children. Others have gone to BYUH and are now using their skills in their employment.

Like Ammon in the Book of Mormon…”I do not boast in my own strength, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God.” What a blessing it has been to serve each of our missions. In each case the Lord has given us amazing opportunities to grow spiritually by helping others like the 19 young people that are pictured here…you will notice that Sam, our driver, is in each of the pictures because he got to attend all of the classes.

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