The New Johannesburg Missionaries

Nine dedicated young elders came into the mission this morning after their short stay in the MTC. Before the transfers were announced, they were asked to introduce themselves, tell where they are from and bear their testimony,

To learn more about these 9 new missionaries, where they are from, and their trainers go to president and sister Dunn’s blog and select the November 25, 2014 post…

nov14 - Dube, Zimbabwe nov14 - trans - Ainslie, UK

Elder Phiri – elder Ainslie

nov14 - trans - Laminie - South Africa nov14 - trans - Mamhere, Zimbabwe Laminie – Mamhere

nov14 - trans - Nonumwar Micronesia nov14 - trans - Phiri - Zambia

Elder Nonumwar – Dube

nov14 - trans - Savage US nov14 - trans - Smalley US Savage - Smalley

nov14 - trans - Wegrowski - US


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