The Sun Shines on Two Baptisms

As I mentioned it was pouring rain when we woke up this morning. In my prayers I asked the Lord to stop the rain before the start of sacrament and then let the sun shine for the baptisms planned today. When the rain stopped about 30 minutes before the block was to start I thanked him for this blessing. I felt that he would grant also the second part of my prayer. However the dark clouds hung around and threatened rain until about a half hour before the baptism program was to start and then the clouds parted – they did not go away however – the sun came out and bathed the yard with light and warmth. About an hour after the baptism program was over and the saints had time to walk back to their homes, the clouds came back and rain poured down again.

23nov14 - Jacque, Shavonne, Perez 23nov14 - Liera, Krugers, PerezElder with Jacque and Shavonne, and then they are joined by elder Liera

23nov14 - Viona family, Perez 23nov14 - Group watchingElder Perez with the candidates, their mother and cousin. Members of the branch waiting to see the baptism.

23nov14 - Perez getting ready to get in water 23nov14 - Perez testing water

Elder Perez prepares to enter the water which is insists is not cold. It must have been the spirit keeping him warm.

23nov14 - Jacque entering water 23nov14 - Jacque getting readyJacque is the first to be baptized with brothers Simon and Omphile as witnesses. Everything went perfectly so there was no need to repeat the ordinance.

23nov14 - Shavonne entering water 23nov14 - Watching BaptismShavonne joined elder Perez. After she was baptized the members applauded and we back to the chapel to close the service. It is a great blessing to see these young people be baptized. They have great spirits and their mother is super supportive.

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