District Meeting and Last Lunch

Friday we took the Ikageng elders to district meeting in Klerksdorp. Elder Liera was not quite ready to go when we showed up at their apartment. One mission tradition is that at last district meeting before transfers, everyone makes predictions about who is going to be transferred, where they will be transferred and any new position they might receive. Elder Liera might not have been ready but his prediction was the only one that was 100% correct. sister Dummer also took a picture of the predictions.

nov14DM - Liera, shave nov14DM - predictions 2 nov14DM - E-S Dummer

nov14DM - Dummes, Dist 2 nov14DM - us, District nov14DM - Crazy Dist nov14DM - Crazy Dist 2After the meeting it was time to take some last pictures of the district with the couples and then they are let lose to just have fun. I am happy to say that although I was worried about elder Graham’s safety, all the elders survived the photo session. Below elder Mayende reveals his true inner self.

nov14DM - Mayende - strange nov14DM - Mary, Dummers

The next stop was McDonalds for our traditional Last Lunch. It is now so ingrained in the district that we will continue it until we are released! It is a way for the senior couples to express their thanks for how hard these elders work to bring souls unto Christ.

nov14LL - Graham nov14LL - Mukasa, MayendeElder Graham took the wrong tray and had to then find his and elder Mukasa’s tray. Elder Rami – short for Ramillarijaona – is from Madagascar. He told me that tribal names are all long.

nov14DM - Liera, Graham, Perez nov14DM - Graham, Perez, Mary


Elder Liera, Graham and Perez with elder Mukasa hidden behind elder Liera. Mary seems to be enjoying her food. What a great blessing it is to share time with these powerful elders – we truly come to love each of them.

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