Another Lunch with Missionaries…

In the 9 days we have had four lunches with missionaries. Twice with the senior couples and twice with the young missionaries. Today we picked up and delivered the food for the lunch at the Hollywood chapel where some of the missionaries from three zones were receiving specialized training from president and sister Anderson and the APs. Since the Fort Lauderdale zone was being trained we knew many of missionaries who were there. Among the others it was good to see elder Rasmussen again – I told him we missed his smiling face.

27-sept-2012-training-the-food-line.jpg 27-sept-2012-training-pres-and-dye.jpg 27-sept-2012-training-rasmussen.jpg

We ate at a table with elders Kata, HoChing, Bishop and Larsen. Among the things that were talked about was how the introduction of harvesting changed mission and also how harvesting has changed as teaching methods have changed as the program has developed.

27-sept-2012-training-rockwood-edwards.jpg training-mary-kata-hoching.jpg beagleys.jpg

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