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Lunch by the Water – Missionaries

1-sept-2012-view-from-our-table.jpg  1-sept-2012-mary-and-the-water.jpg  1-sept-2012-inland-water-raise-the-drawbridge.jpg

On Saturday we went down to try what we were told was one of the best seafood restaurants in the area. The food was excellent as advertised, but it was made even better by the beautiful weather and view.

2-sept-2012-thorne-larsen-baptism.jpg  5-sept-2012-fisher-rockwood-2.jpg  5-sept-2012-harris-and-dowdle-2.jpg

On Sunday Elders Thorne and Larsen had a baptism. I happened to be walking through the building just as they were passing by so I stopped them for a quick picture. Today – Wednesday – many of the new missionaries and their trainers dropped in after they had been to a training meeting that is held about a month after they come into the mission. In the middle Elder Fisher is being trained by Elder Rockwood. On the right Elder Harris is being trained by Elder Dowdle.

5-sept-2012-kata-bay.jpg  5-sept-2012-samuelian-and-fanaika-2.jpg 5-sept-2012-7-sisters.jpg

Elder Kata is training ElderBay. Elder Samuelian who is quite tall himself, is training even bigger Elder Fanaika. Seven sisters happen to come in close together so I got them to gather for a picture. Starting from the right in the picture is Sisters Syme, Lira. Sister Beck who is training Sister Bagley who has the big purse. Sister Aloi is being trained by Sister Holder. On the far left of the picture is sister Hancock who is training Sister Syme. I hope I got those right…if not I apologize.

 5-sept-2012-chavous-and-sheffield.jpg  5-sept-2012-chavous-and-sheffield-and-new-dvd-player.jpg

Sister Chavous is being trained by Sister Sheffield. Their serious picture did not come out all that well so I included one showing off their new DVD player which I think shows their smiles much better.

It is a great joy to have all these great missionaries come in to the office and feel of their spirit. They are truly above average missionaries. We are blessed to serve here at a time when the work is exploding.