Daily Archives: September 8, 2012

Ducks and Missionaries

 Well I finally got around to writing some text to go with these pictures. On the first Friday of each month there is a Zone Leaders’ conference at the mission home and after it is over many of the companionships come in to pick up supplies for their zone. I try to take a couple of pictures of those I do not have captured before

sept-2012-elders-olson-and-hatch.jpg    elders-gustand-badillo.jpg  8-sept-2012-beautiful-clear-morning.jpg

Elders Olson & Hatch  serve in the Stewart Zone and drive more miles than any other pair of elders except perhaps the Assistants. Elder Gust and Badillo are ZLs in the Miami Zone. The last picture is a clear sky morning from our patio.

sept-8-2012-ducks-black-and-white.jpg  sept-8-2012-ducks-multi-color.jpg sept-8-2012-ducks-white-with-grey-specks.jpg

The ducklings continue to grow in size and decrease in number. I took these pictures to show some of the different markings that show up in this one flock. The mother duck is almost pure black but as you can see her offspring come in a variety of colors. There is also an almost pure white one that was not around when I took these pictures.