Daily Archives: September 26, 2012

A Quality Ward Missionary Meeting…

We were invited to sit in on the weekly ward missionary correlation meeting at the Fort Lauderdale ward. There were 6 elders, Bishop Brown, brothers Acevedo and Beale the ward mission leaders and ourselves. It was great to hear how the bishop wanted to concentrate on the recent converts as well as those who have baptism dates. It was one of the best correlation meetings I have been in – including those I was in charge of as ward mission leader.

26-sept-2012-bishop-brown.jpg 26-sept-2012-elder-patino-smiles.jpg  26-sept-2012-ward-mission.jpg

Bishop Brown is a scouter as well as a strong supporter of missionary work. Elders Hall and Patrino are smiling for the camera – elder Pond is serious. The young man often works with the missionaries. Elders Doman and Conger, brothers Beale and Acevedo, elder Rellaford and bishop Brown discuss investigators and new converts.

26-sept-2012-elder-beagleys-last-nap.jpg 39300_422215647837928_2136995469_n.jpg 26-sept-2012-wild-car.jpg

Elder and Sister Beagley are heading home early Friday morning so Elder Beagley decided to take one last short nap on this very comfortable sofa – he is an inspiration to us all. This can be seen in this picture of me taking a nap in the mission president’s office. It is not nearly as comfortable as elder Beagley’s choice. As we were driving out of the complex this morning we passed this wild painted car…I could not resist taking a picture.