Daily Archives: September 18, 2012

Faith + Obedience + Hard Work = Miracles

The above average missionaries in the Fort Lauderdale Mission came within 3 of baptizing 100 in the first three weeks of September. 97 people this month have now entered by the gate that leads to Eternal Life. 97 of God’s children now know the Plan of Happiness because their missionaries brought the spirit into their lives so they could come to know that what they were teaching was true. Here are couple examples that President Anderson shared this week in his letter…

“You are laboring not only with the Savior, but also emulating His Spirit as so many recognize who you are and who you represent:


“As we were knocking on … an investigator’s [door], a guy ran over to us and asked us ‘are you Jehovah Witnesses?’  And we responded with a smile and said ‘no, we are representatives of Jesus Christ…’ As he responded he relayed a little bit about what he has gone through in the past month. He was in jail for awhile. And he said that ‘I just have this itching desire to know more about God and what I need to do’.  He then relayed that he saw us riding in the apartment complex on our bikes. He said that when he saw us he didn’t know how to describe the feeling he was feeling but that he just had to put his shoes on and run us down… We went to his apartment …, and because of amazing desires to know, He will be baptized in 2 weeks.”


You are laboring not only with the Savior, but also with the faith, power, authority and fearlessness to talk and testify to everyone:


“Last night we were walking down the sidewalk and I saw a guy on the second floor of an apartment complex. He was eating, I yelled to him ‘Hello’, and he said, ‘hello’. We then introduced ourselves and told him we were there to bless his home and family. He then spoke to his wife for a second and then looked back at us and said, ‘come up!’ It was awesome! We then went up and blessed his home and his family and he accepted baptism!”