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After Isaac…California Living…Missionaries

aug-2012-lake-left.jpg  aug-2012-lake-center.jpg  aug-2012-lake-right.jpg

A couple of days after Isaac passed way to the West – sorry about that Louisiana and others – this was the scene outside our apartment in the morning. I don’t think I will ever get tired of looking out over the lake in the morning. Each day is a new and interesting experience. However I must admit that rainy mornings are not all that interesting.

aug-2012-3642-w-107th-st.jpg aug-2012-527-n-prospect.jpg aug-2012-white-bird.jpg

Mary went on Google and found where we lived in Inglewood and Redondo Beach. We laughed at how large those little trees we planted out in front of our new home in Inglewood have grown. A new garage door, a different colored paint job and a new fence were noticed at the Redondo location. The big white bird was just dropped in because there was room…we did had big birds outside our home in South Africa from time to time.

aug-2012-mary-in-office.jpg aug-2012-the-beagleys.jpg aug-2012-avila-and-beer.jpg

Some pictures from the office this week. Mary was making up a couple of dozen binders that are given to new missionaries when the arrive. We already have the names of some of the missionaries who will come in February 2013. The Beagleys are busy with vehicles and baptisms…it is important that sister Beagley is kept busy because that means there were lots of baptisms the week before. Elder Avila was on a split with Elder Beer who is one of the Zone Leaders for the Fort Lauderdale Zone.

aug-2012-dye-harral-shaffer.jpg  1-sept-2012-moving-bares-rellaford-conger-doman-marsh-rippstein-avila.jpg  four-amigos-with-sara-guzman.jpg

Sister Dye with Elders Harral and Shaffer at this week’s District Meeting. She promised me that she would have a two mite day! Today – Saturday – Elder and Sister Bare are moving out of their stinky apartment and into sanitized one close by. Elders Rellaford, Conger, Doman, Marsh, Rippstein and Avila volunteered to come and move them. Besides being blessed for their efforts of service, they will get to have all the Papa John’s pizza they can eat.