Daily Archives: September 15, 2012

Sunrise…Temple Construction…Pink Chair

14-sept-2012-sunrise.jpg  15-sept-2012-temple-front-distance.jpg  15-sept-2012-temple-front-close-2.jpg

I continue to be enthralled by the beautiful sunrises we can see from our apartment. The beauty of the sky and clouds are reflected in the stillness of the water to make an amazing landscape. The Fort Lauderdale Temple continues to grow. These are two pictures of the entrance to the temple. They took down the fabric that made it difficult to see into the site so now all can see how it is progressing.

15-sept-2012-temple-us-and-north-side.jpg  15-sept-2012-big-pink-chair.jpg  10-sept-12-couples.jpg

The North side of the temple is behind us. While we were out on our P-day we stopped at a very large nursery – farmer’s market and this very large pink chair was out in front. It reminded us of how on the rural roads in South Africa people put painted tires and chairs on power poles to mark where to turn into their property. The couples got together on Monday night for FHE and since it was the last one before the Beagley’s go home we took a picture. Unfortunately sister Collins was sick so they were not able to be there for the picture.

5-sept-2012-new-bird-reflection.jpg  628×471.jpg

This bird showed up at the complex and I have not yet identified it but liked the way this picture caught the reflection so well. I was looking at pictures of the Burning Man gathering in California and when I saw this picture I immediately thought of the ‘Great and Spacious Building’ in the Book of Mormon.