Back to Fort Lauderdale for District Meeting….

With our new assignment to the Fort Lauderdale ward we needed to change the District meeting we attended. So it was back to Fort Lauderdale district with 6 elders and 2 sisters. We know many of the missionaries, especially Elder Conger who is the DL.
25-sept-2012-rellaford-conger-doman-patrino-matau-mary.jpg 25-sept-2012-lots-of-elders.jpg 25-sept-2012-bishop-with-matauescabores.jpg

Elders Rellaford, Conger, Doman and Patino with Sister Tuai are on the left. The group of elders in the middle include HoChing – one of the zone leaders,  brother White – a young man who has his papers in for a mission – elder Bishop – the other zone leader, Rellaford, Conger, Doman and Patino. Some how the only picture I took with Sisters Tuai and Escorbores (I seem to always leave out the first ‘r’ in her name) is of their backs as they talk with elder Bishop.

25-sept-2012-rellaford-conger-doman-patrino.jpg 25-sept-2012-elders-pond-and-hall-teach-bishop-brown-ho-ching-looks-on.jpg 25-sept-2012-white-hoching-rellaford-conger.jpg

Another shots of some of the elders. Elders Pond and Hall are ‘teaching’ bishop brown with elder HoChing looking on – also included is another good picture of the back of Mary’s head. And then there is one more picture of elders.

We enjoy being ‘investigators’ for the role playing part of the District meeting. Sisters Escorbores and Tuai helped me with the problem of not feeling that God answers my prayers. One of the rules of today’s role play was that they could not use or quote any scriptures. They had to use their knowledge of the gospel and their personal stories and testimony.

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