The Couples Take a Trip to the Keys

This trip to the Keys was planned for last week but due to an illness it was moved back a week. There are 8 couples in the mission at this time and all but one were able to be there. Elder and Sister Sommerfeldt had a very special baptism to go to. We missed them but they were certainly about their Father’s business. So 6 couples met early and drove down to where the McCormicks live on Marathon Key. From these pictures you can get an idea of why all the rest of us are just a little jealous of the McCormicks’ assignment.

22-sept-2012-couples-view.jpg 22-sept-2012-couples-another-view.jpg 22-sept-2012-couples-e-beagley-fishing.jpg

These first two show some of the views you see when you walk out the McCormick’s back door. It is obvious why we are a little jealous. Elder Beagley joined the fishermen…he was able to drown bait with the best of them.

22-sept-2012-couples-e-boice-fishing.jpg 22-sept-2012-couples-elder-evans-casting.jpg 22-sept-2012-couples-evans-fishing.jpg

Elder Boice and elder Beagley trying their luck. Elder Evans casting and later just enjoying sitting in the shade with a pole in his hand…he said that there was bait on his hook but I am not sure.

22-sept-2012-couples-7-mile-bridge-plaque.jpg  22-sept-2012-couples-7-mb-start.jpg  22-sept-2012-couples-7mb-diver.jpg

A group of us decided to walk the 2 miles of the Old 7 Mile Bridge. It is in danger of becoming unsafe and there is a push to raise enough money to have it stablized. The middle picture shows the start and if you look carefully you can see the break in the bridge that marks the current end. There were many small boats running in and around the bridges. Some people were scuba diving but I have no idea what they were looking for or at.

22-sept-2012-couples-7mb-evans-and-sis-boice.jpg  22-sept-2012-couples-7mb-the-ladies-3.jpg  22-sept-2012-couples-7mb-the-stopping-point.jpg

The Evans and sister Boice was with me in the second group. Part of the group decided to turn around so we took a picture of the ladies while they were together. Sisters Beagley, Evans, McCormick, Bare and Boice. Another quarter mile or so along the way the other three that was walking with me decided that they wanted to turn around. I walked a little further but decided that it would take me another at least another 30 minutes or so to get to the end and back to where I was standing and it did not seem fair to keep a group of people waiting for just me…so I took the picture and turned back.

22-sept-2012-couples-s-collins.jpg  22-sept-2012-couples-lots-of-lookers.jpg  22-sept-2012-couples-group-picture.jpg

Sister Collins was the one spearheading the outing. When we first arrived many of the couples came out and took a look at the beautiful scene. Before we left, a neighbor took a picture of the group – the last time we would all be together with the Beagleys.

22-sept-2012-couples-mrs-mac-kitchen-sign.jpg  22-sept-2012-couples-let-us-eat.jpg  22-sept-2012-couples-ride-home-sunset.jpg

When we got to Key Largo we stopped at Mrs. Mac’s and had some excellent seafood and pieces of their famous Key lime pie. Along the way home we had this brilliant view – unfortunately the flash is reflected off the glass.

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