Specialized Training – Northern Zones

We just had an amazing specialized training that centered on the First Vision and Prayer. Here are 55 pictures I took at the meeting on Friday of the Northern Zones – Stuart, Palm Beach, Coral Springs, and Fort Lauderdale. I will put captions on the pictures when I have a chance but for now you can look through them and see if you can find your missionary. Look behind the main subjects because there a lot of photos where you can see other missionaries. If I missed someone I am sorry – it was certainly not intentional.  Enjoy!

1 - 29mar13 - STN - Dean, Reeves, Brown Rugg

We were almost to our turn off to the Boynton Beach Chapel when we got a call that asked if we could rescue some elders who were at the Tri Rail Station. Since it was almost on our way we said sure and picked up elders Reeves, Dean, Brown and Rugg – but at Dunkin’ Donuts! When we got to the chapel I started taking pictures


2 - 29mar13 - STN - Foyer before meeting... 3 - 29mar13 - STN - Gordon, Dougal, Johnson Mary

Because of our side trip we made it just in time to take just a couple of pictures before the missionaries were invited to go in and sit quietly studying until the meeting started. We did get to say hello to our old friend elder Rellaford and see sister Stegelmeier talking to elder Hunt and Jones – notice her hands are moving. The group of sisters on the right side of the picture include sisters Ellett, Dougal, Merrill, Johnson and an almost hidden sister Gordon. Sisters, Gordon, Dougal and Johnson with Mary who is passing out some of the 3000 plus letters she has written over the last 14 months.

4 - 29mar13 - STN - Hunt B Jones 5 - 29mar13 - STN - 50 Pizzas

I managed a picture of one companionship before they all went in – elders Hunt and B. Jones are the zone leaders in the Coral Springs zone. Elder Collins and myself went to get the 50 pizzas piled up on the table.

6 - 29mar13 - STN - Happy Easter 7 - 29mar13 - STN - The room before missionaries

This looks like the leftover from an earlier social gathering at the ward – unfortunately it had nothing to show what Easter is all about! Just about every inch of the cultural hall was used for tables and chairs.

8 - 29mar13 - STN - Seniors setting up 9 - 29mar13 - STN - First Sisters

Many hands make light work…the couples all pitched in to get everything ready for lunch – even I helped before I started taking pictures. E/S Ellis and E/S Singleton are becoming experts on helping out. Sisters Dougal and Gordon are the first in line – sisters first is of course the rule.

10 - 29mar13 - STN - Gordon Steg Dougal11 - 29mar13 - STN - Sisters gather

They were soon joined by sister Stegelmeier and Merrill – unfortunately only sister Merrill’s arms are visible. Soon the other sisters arrived include sisters Fletcher, Smith Chavous, Escorbores, Sablan and Tuai.

12 - 29mar13 - STN - Haddock Call 13 - 29mar13 - STN - Rellaford Winslow

As the last of the sisters started through the line I realized that I could take pictures of the elders as they waited in line. Elders Haddock and Call from West Palm Central. Elders Rellaford and Winslow now serve in Boynton Beach North.

14 - 29mar13 - STN - Reeves Dean 15 - 29mar13 - STN - Brakey Wilson

Elder Reeves is being trained by elder Dean as they serve in Riverside Park. Elder Brakey and our old friend elder Wilson are serving Boca Raton West. Notice both are wearing blue ties…

16 - 29mar13 - STN - Pattberg Doman 17 - 29mar13 - STN - Aul Shaffer

Elders Pattberg and Doman are way up in Vero Beach. It turned out being elder Doman’s birthday. Elders Aul and Shaffer are in Jupiter North. Elder Shaffer has the honor of being the last mission that was called to the Orlando Mission and came over when the Stuart Zone was added to the mission.

18 - 29mar13 - STN - Taylor Burgon 19 - 29mar13 - STN - Hall Madson

Elder Taylor was born in the Fort Lauderdale area but is now serving with elder Burgon in Fort Pierce. Elder Hall is one of our favorite missionaries and is now with elder Madson in Boca Raton East.

20 - 29mar13 - STN - Loucks Elliott 21 - 29mar13 - STN - Brown Petersen

Sister Loucks will be happy to see this pictures of elder Loucks who is serving with elder Elliott. Elder K Brown – we just keep getting more Browns and they are all above average missionaries – is serving with elder Petersen in the rural Belle Glade area.

22 - 29mar13 - STN - Mackley Bloom 23 - 29mar13 - STN -K Jones - Koleber


Elder Mackley is serving with elder Bloom who served as district leader in Fort Lauderdale not too long ago. Elder K Jones had his assignment changed just over a week ago from district leader in Fort Lauderdale district to be a zone leader with elder Koleber in the Palm Beach zone.



24 - 29mar13 - STN - McMullin Rasmussen 25 - 29mar13 - STN - Chamberlain Brockbrank

Elder McMullin serves with ever smiling elder Rasmussen. Elder Chamberlain has a good grip on his companion elder Brockbank. Both of these serve in the Coconut Creek district.

26 - 29mar13 - STN - Pond Rondo 27 - 29mar13 - STN - Claude and Marsh - Pond in back

Elders Pond and Rondo are basically our across the street neighbors as they serve in the Plantation ward. I doubt if there any companionship that works any harder than these two. It seems elder Claude has some kind of slight accident that required the use of a crutch for a while. He is supported by his companion elder Marsh. I can remember when they both came into the mission.

28 - 29mar13 - STN - Wood Torres 29 - 29mar13 - STN - Doria Levy

Wood is with his friend but not companion elder Torres. One of the joys of conferences and specialized training is getting to see your former mission and MTC companions. Love and hugs are a constant at these meetings. Elders Doria and Levy are serving together in the West Palm South area.

30 - 29mar13 - STN - Pearce Wood 31 - 29mar13 - STN - Maddox Nielsen

Elder Pearce is elder Wood – elder Torres friend above – companion in Coral Springs. Elder Maddox is with his companion elder Fitts – wait that elder Nielsen disguised as elder Fitts.

32 - 29mar13 - STN - Woodard Free 33 - 29mar13 - STN - Duncan Faniaka

It seems elder Woodard is being well trained by elder Free in how to make faces. I am sure he is doing just as good a job it training him how to be an above average missionary. Elders Duncan and Faniaka serve together way up in Okeechobee. I asked them if the car sank very far when they got in together.

34 - 29mar13 - STN - Grant Harral 35 - 29mar13 - STN - Grant Harral 2

Why do I have two pictures of our friends elders Grant and Harral? Because elder Harrall said he was not smiling in the first one…you get to choose which one you like best.

36 - 29mar13 - STN - Ellet Johnson good 37 - 29mar13 - STN - Gordon Dougal

Since I did not get any pictures of the sisters before they went through the food line, I went around trying to get them all while they were eating. They were good sports and posed for me – at least most of them did. Sisters Ellett and Johnson are together in Palm Beach Central area. Sister Gordon is being trained by sister Dougal in Nova YSA.

38 - 29mar13 - STN - Daines Garcia53 - 29mar13 - STN - Aloi, Bagley, Sablan, Beck, Jackson

Sister Daines is training sister Garcia in Lauderhill South. I am glad I got this picture of sister Choui – pronounced Chew – with her trainer sister Bagley as well as sisters Sablan, Beck and Jackson. I thought I had no pictures of that companionship.

52 - 29mar13 - STN - Levy Doria 51 - McMullin 29mar13 - STN - Rasmussen

I joined elders Levy and Doria for a short time as they ate the last of the pizza in the box. Elder McMullin seems to be doing the same with his companion elder Rasmussen.

50 - 29mar13 - STN - Us Beck Sablan 49 - 29mar13 - STN - Us Sablan, Beck Edwards Ellett

Sister Sablan wanted a picture with us so we took one with her and her companion sister Beck. Elder Edwards had to sneak in for one and it seems sister Ellett also got in the picture.

48 - 29mar13 - STN - Sablan 47 - 29mar13 - STN - Ship, Gust, Stewart small table 2

Sister Sablan with elder Jones in the background. When the assistants finally had time to get some food all the tables were filled – or so they said – so they brought in their own private table at sat it up. It was just the right size for a pizza box with a little room left for their water bottles.

46 - 29mar13 - STN - Ship, Gust, Stewart small table 45 - 29mar13 - STN - Happy Birthday Dorman

Same group different pose. Sister Anderson announced it was elder Doman’s birthday so he got a serenade by all the missionaries and took it as a good sport. I seem to have been moving when I took the fuzzy picture!

44 - 29mar13 - STN - Jackson Andrus 43 - 29mar13 - xx Schneider

Elder Free snuck in as I took a picture of sisters Jackson and Andrus. Sisters Aloi and Schneider are serving together. Lots of elders in background.

42 - 29mar13 - STN - Tuai Price 41 - 29mar13 - STN - Beck Sablan

Sisters Tuai and Price serve in the Hollywood Hills North area. Sister Beck seems to be trying to get a arm hold on her companion sister Sablan.  Notice sister Sablan has vegetables on her plate.

40 - 29mar13 - STN - Merrill Steg 55 - 29mar13 - STN - Duncan Faniaka Gust 4 sisters

I am not sure if sister Merrill is smiling at the camera or her companion sister Stegelmeier. Elders Duncan, Faniaka and Gust pose with sister Price, Tuai, Beck and Sablan. I kept this one because I saw elder Rasmussen in the background.

54 - 29mar13 - STN - Duncan Faniaka Gust 4 sisters

Here is the same picture without elder Rasmussen.

That’s All Folks – hope you enjoyed the show!


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