Daily Archives: March 7, 2013

Elephants and Brown Thursday….

 Tembe Elephant Park has a great webcam location near a watering hole. In the morning we like to look at the website to see what animals might be there. Because morning in Florida pretty much matches the best time to see animals, we often see a good variety. Having elephants there is always a bonus. Today there were elephants, wildebeests, a couple of different kinds of antelope and even a couple of zebras. One strange animal that we have never seen at the watering hole arrived later in the morning. It was smaller than any of the other animals and walked on two legs.

elphants-wildebeest.jpg blue-car-wildebeests.jpg elephants.jpg

mar13-brown-rugg.jpg 7mar13-dm-brimley-andelin-bean-fletcher.jpg 7mar13-dm-van.jpg

Elders Brown and Rugg came into get supplies for their district. Because of Zone training meetings this week, district meetings got moved to later. We went to Fort Lauderdale’s. Elders Brimley and Andelin along with sisters Bean and Fletcher were among the first to arrive. Elder Van Wagenen seems to be talking to his fist.

7mar13-dm-thorne-brim-edwards-smoot.jpg7mar13-dm-fletcher-ship-gust.jpg 7mar13-dm-thorne-brim-edwards-smoot.jpg

This is not the greatest group of singers in the mission but we certainly try. Elders Thorne, Brimley, and Smoot  joined in but elder Edwards had to just be with us spirit because he was getting over a cold. Sister Bean – you can see her eyes above the piano – played while elder Jones led. But Sister Fletcher practiced her leading while she sang. Elder Shipley has a pretty good voice and elder Gust really sings with a smile on his face with great gusto.