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Would You Like to See a Blog Like This Continue for another 17 Months?

As those who are reading this blog regularly know, we will be leaving the Fort Lauderdale mission in about a month. We will be both sad and happy to leave for home – we will certainly miss the wonderful missionaries – both young and old – and members we have come to love. We will take some time to see family, go to some great up coming events, have Christmas and then hopefully will be out on another mission some time early in 2014.

Elder and Sister Singleton are our replacements and I have mentioned to them a number of times that there were a lot of family and friends of Fort Lauderdale missionaries who read this blog regularly.  I suggested that the readers would love it if the Singletons would open their own blog and continue our tradition.

Right now they are really busy trying to learn what to do in the office and as finance secretary to really think of taking this on but they did say that they might think about it.

I purpose that any of you who would like them to start and keep up a blog once they have become comfortable in their callings write a comment to this post asking them to do this and why. In a week or so I will show them all your comments – if there are any – and maybe that will help them decide to at least give it a try. I know once they start they will want to continue – especially if once they start you will give them your thanks.

Monday Office – Tuesday Elder Thorne’s Birthday

 Monday started the second week of elder and sister Singleton’s training. It was also p-day so elder Gust was in the office to do his e-mailing. Sister Bare claims the Work Station printer as her’s because she uses it more than anyone else to do chapel cards. The Collins were in before going out to look for more housing for all the new areas that will be opening after the April transfers. If I remember correctly sister Collins is telling elder Singleton about the wild life they saw on their trip down to the keys this weekend. Sister Singleton is busy studying.

25mar13-bare-mary-gust-2.jpg 25mar13-collins-e-sing.jpg 25mar13-sis-sing.jpg

26mar13-dm-bean-garcia.jpg 26mar13-dm-turek-van.jpg 26mar13-dm-smith-chavous.jpg

Today I went to district training while the rest stayed in the office to work. Sister Bean had sister Garcia as an exchange companion. Elder Turek is elder Van Wagenen’s new Creole companion as elder Jones is now zone leader with elder Koleber up in Palm Beach zone. Sisters Smith and Chavous join in the opening song…it is a good thing that we have 5 sisters with good voices in this district because the elders – including myself – are not very good. Loud but not good.

26mar13-dm-edwards-smoot-lake-smith-chavous.jpg 26mar13-dm-chavous-lake.jpg 26mar13-dm-edwards-smoot.jpg

Elders Edwards and Smoot listen while sisters Lake, Smith and Chavous give accountability for their area. Sister Lake was back visiting on an exchange with the other two sisters. Elders Van Wagenen Edwards and Smoot held down one end of the table.

26mar13-dm-cake-thorne-hat.jpg 26mar13-dm-thorne-blowing-candles.jpg26mar13-dm-bean-mustache-cake-thorne.jpg

Last week we had elder Burt’s birthday. This week it was elder Thorne’s turn. So not only did he hold his first DTM but he also got a great looking hat and a custom decorated cake made by sister Bean. We had better luck keeping the candle burning on the cake this week so elder Thorne got to blow them out. Elder Smoot looks for food while sister Bean shows off the mustache straws and birthday boy takes the cake…

26mar13-dm-brim-thorne-cake.jpg 26mar13-dm-pizza-sisters-van.jpg 26mar13-dm-group-pizza-grab.jpg

Elder Brimley got close to his companion to make sure he got his share of the cake. Sisters Garcia, Chavous. Smith and Lake along with elder Van Wagnen look at the pizza that was there to be shared. All the elders gather in a piece or two of pizza.


I almost got elder Smoot taking a big bite while elders Andelin and Brimley chew their’s. I should mention that elder Thorne gave an excellent lesson on Faith before we closed the meeting and started the party. It is a wonderful experience to share these meetings and the spirit that is there with the missionaries. I hope all of those who read this will join in praying for the district to meet their goal of having 15 baptisms this week. They have faith that they can do this but your prayers will be welcomed.