Would You Like to See a Blog Like This Continue for another 17 Months?

As those who are reading this blog regularly know, we will be leaving the Fort Lauderdale mission in about a month. We will be both sad and happy to leave for home – we will certainly miss the wonderful missionaries – both young and old – and members we have come to love. We will take some time to see family, go to some great up coming events, have Christmas and then hopefully will be out on another mission some time early in 2014.

Elder and Sister Singleton are our replacements and I have mentioned to them a number of times that there were a lot of family and friends of Fort Lauderdale missionaries who read this blog regularly.  I suggested that the readers would love it if the Singletons would open their own blog and continue our tradition.

Right now they are really busy trying to learn what to do in the office and as finance secretary to really think of taking this on but they did say that they might think about it.

I purpose that any of you who would like them to start and keep up a blog once they have become comfortable in their callings write a comment to this post asking them to do this and why. In a week or so I will show them all your comments – if there are any – and maybe that will help them decide to at least give it a try. I know once they start they will want to continue – especially if once they start you will give them your thanks.

19 thoughts on “Would You Like to See a Blog Like This Continue for another 17 Months?

  1. Reese Thorne

    We, as parents of a Ft Lauderdale mission have thoroughly enjoyed the posts, updates and pictures. What a sweet surprise it is when we open the blog and see pictures of our son and other missionaries serving! We would love if someone could continue this great tradition!

  2. Barbara Price

    Please continue! Sister Rebecka Price is our daughter, and we love hearing and seeing what is happening in the mission! It is wonderful to see the pictures of her and who she is serving with. Please continue

  3. Regina Pearce

    Oh we would like for you to continue the tradition that Elder & Sister Pier have set for their Mission. We have come to love it! Seeing our sons and daughters and hearing the words of President Anderson, each week has made it all worthwhile.
    We love the pictures that are posted, seeing the temple go up, transfers and to read about all the wonderful things that are happening in the Florida Ft. Lauderdale Mission. We as parents do hope someone will continue the tradition of a blog. It keeps family members up to date; as well as allowing us to be a part of this wonderful mission.

  4. Regina Pearce

    Elder & Sister Pier, We will miss you! Thank you for your hard work and dedication of this blog you have shared with so many people. We have loved all the wonderful pictures you posted with the articles.

    We hope you enjoy the rest of your mission. When the time comes we hope you have a safe journey home. We’ll be excited to see where you will go for your next mission. Thanks again. 🙂

  5. Gary Judkins

    Elder & Sister Pier, thanks so much for your service, and thanks for sharing your mission with us all. Since our daughter begin serving in the Ft. Lauderdale mission last December, reading your blog has been a daily pleasure that has made us feel closer to our daughters mission. This is wonderful as we miss her so much. If the Singelton’s were willing to pick this up, it would help fill a big hole in our heart, and be a daily testimony builder to see the faith of the missionaries in action.

  6. Brad and Jodi Merrill

    Elder & Sister Pier, thank you so much for doing this blog. The night our daughter, Sister Merrill, received her call to Ft. Lauderdale, we found your blog and we have been following it ever since. It has been such a blessing as she prepared to serve and to now watch her be a part of the work taking place in Fort Lauderdale. We would love to see it continue. We wish you well as you come back to Utah and prepare to serve again.

  7. Jamie Pond

    YES PLEASE!!!! I have enjoyed this blog so much! It has help us become a part of the mission. I love reading parts of President Anderson’s letters. We love the pictures, we do not get many pictures sent home to us. Elder Pond is someone that is always happy, so I love seeing his big grin! We also like knowing about the transfers and the pictures of him and his companion. So, we would really like this to continue. Thanks again to Elder & Sister Pier!!!!

  8. Ann Hoole

    Thank you Elder and Sister Pier! I know how much work goes into a blog, so it is very appreciated! It’s been wonderful to be able to see and hear about the Fort Lauderdale mission from your perspective. I’ve especially loved seeing the photos of the temple as it progresses toward completion. Being able to hear parts of President Anderson’s messages and see the occasional photo of our missionary has been an added bonus and made us feel a little bit closer to his mission experience. We will love and support the Singletons no matter what they decide to do though! 🙂

  9. Gary and Carolyn Lee

    We would love to see this blog continue. Elder and Sister Pier you have performed a great service in maintaining this blog. The effort you have put forth in getting photos of transfers, special events and package delivery at Christmas time is really appreciated. We have especially enjoyed the pictures and captions at transfer time. Since transfers happen on Wednesday and we don’t hear from our missionaries until the following Monday it is nice to see who our son will be serving with and the area where he will be serving if he is transferring to a new area. Thanks again!

  10. Bryce H Bishop

    Thank you for all you did for me and this mission! Ive missed you both a ton and I will be anxious to see you again. I would also greatly appreciate it if the blog continued! I love you guys!

  11. Amy Brockbank

    I would love to have this continue! If you have a missionary you know they are super busy and this is just a wonderful extra to see our missionary and who they are serving with. Thanks to Elder and Sister Pier who have kept this up and good luck on your next adventure!!

  12. David Gust

    Dear Elder and Sister Pier. Thank you! Even though my son will complete his service in July, I would be eternally grateful if the blog could continue. I appreciate the devotion you have given towards the daily post. Your humor, words of wisdom and candid photos have given my family a more in-depth understanding of missionary life. I wish you the very best as you embark on the next chapter of your life, and know our Heavenly Father is pleased with the service you have rendered. Mant thanks!!!!

  13. Vicki Judkins

    We check Bill & Mary’s blog regularly and have downloaded several pictures from it that mean a lot to us. We’d love to see it continue. Thank you. Gary and Vicki Judkins
    P.S. Thank you for the efforts you put out for our daughter. She is a sweetie, as well as a determined little gal!

  14. Joe Free

    Thank you for your blog! The photos and words are like cool water to parents thirsty for news of their missionary. Posting the transfer list is great as well. It helps us know earlier and helps us get to know the other missionaries. Sometimes emails from busy missionaries are a little light on some details! 😉

    I also love when you post some of the missionary experiences the president sends out. Those have not only been enjoyed and lifted our lives but we have shared them in talks and lifted our entire stake.

    I don’t think you know how far your influence has gone. You may be in the office but you are helping to grow the kingdom through your blog postings.

    Elder Free is our 4th missionary (his brother is headed to Tokyo in July) and this is the first mission that we have found a blog like yours. What a treat. I have already committed that when we can start our missions in about 10 years we will be bloggers!

    Just another note to other parents out there. One of our sons served in Wisconsin. We received a DVD from a member there that had invited the Elders over for family night then video recorded them teaching the first discussion. How wonderful to actually see your missionary in action! We have tried to do the same for missionaries in our area. I think as parents we might be able to do more to help out other parents!

    Thank you for your wonderful service! May you feel in a more real sense the blessings you have brought to so many because of your service.

    Joe & Diana Free

  15. Suzanne Hansen

    Thank you so much for all your time and effort you put forth on this blog! It really is wonderful to see my daughter on here! I also love reading Bro and Sis Anderson’s messages. It helps me feel like I know more of what goes on in the mission field, as well as seeing glimpses of Hermana Hansen sometimes! I would love to see it continue, if the next couple is up to it!

  16. Michelle Smoot

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your regular posts have been invaluable to us as a family, and especially to me as a missionary mom. I wish all missions had this little glimpse into our children’s lives–it helps us feel more a part of their missions. You bring smiles to many people and we are so grateful for the sacrifice you have made to do it! I visited with Karen & Larry Bartholomew last weekend at my niece’s farewell (their first grandchild to go). I’m hoping we can visit with you and your lovely wife when you return home. Thank you for all you do for our favorite missionaries! Love, Michelle Smoot

  17. Melinda Schneider

    Brother Pier, thank you so much for taking the time to take and share so many photos and add your great comments about all the smiling missionaries and converts, meetings (lots of pizza!), busy transfers, the new temple (love that gorgeous window!), the beautiful surrounding area, etc. You’ve compiled a unique history of the mission that can’t be found anywhere else.

    I have really enjoyed that extra dimension and greater understanding of the mission that your efforts have provided, and I feel much closer to my daughter as a result. Your blog has helped our family be part of her mission in a way we never could have otherwise. We’ve learned many things about the mission and the people that would probably never make it into letters or emails. It’s been great to be able to share some of the photos and messages with my daughter’s triplet sisters, who are also serving missions now. (We wish their missions had blogs like this!)

    The information you’ve provided has been really helpful, too. One Monday I wondered why we didn’t get an email from our daughter, so I checked your blog and found out P-day was on Tuesday that week due to transfers. Another time, I was happy to see that you posted the transfer lists, which allowed me to learn our daughter’s new location much faster, plus I even found a photo of her new companion.

    Thank you, also, for posting parts of the President’s letters. I love hearing about the other missionaries’ experiences and my faith has increased as I read of their successes and the many miracles that are taking place. What a great work is being done there!!

    Your blog is the BEST and I would love to see it continue! Thank you again for sharing your blog and your mission with all of us. Best wishes in whatever your future holds!

  18. Lisa Rasmussen

    Elder & Sister Pier,

    Our family is so grateful for your blog! As you know, Elder Rasmussen is a man of few words. Your blog has filled in many gaps for us and we love it! We would love to have it continue.

    Best wishes and love to you in your new adventures, you are such an example to those of us that are planning our futures 🙂

  19. Sarah DeNaughel

    I have really enjoyed looking at this blog, I would love to see it continue! It really makes me feel like I am involved in the Fort Lauderdale mission!! 🙂 🙂 Thanks so much for posting!!!


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