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Monday – Senior Lunch *** Tuesday – District Meeting

 We usually have a staff meeting with president and sister Anderson on the second monday of each month. However they have been touring the mission interviewing missionaries and inspecting houses for most of last week and the first part of this one so it was cancelled. I thought I had told everyone but it seems I had a senior moment when it came to the Collins because they thought it was still on.

11mar13-bare-collins.jpg 11mar13-ellis.jpg 11mar13-collins-mary.jpg

One of the senior missionary traditions that has become popular is that on the Monday when there is staff meeting all the couples who want to go to Scrufy’s BBQ and have lunch together. On Monday you get a full rack of tender baby-back ribs and all the fixings for $9.95. It is a great lunch and there is always lots of discussion going on. Elders Bare and Collins were busy discussing things at the end of the table. The Ellis’ were sharing thoughts as were sister Collins and Mary. Of course I was taking the pictures. The food is great and there is enough that I took home enough for a great lunch.

12mar13-dm-beam-thorne-brimley-fletcher.jpg 12mar13-dm-thorne-brimley.jpg 12mar13-dm-thorne-with-camera.jpg

Tuesday is Fort Lauderdale District’s day for district meeting. Today was both a lot of fun but also very spiritual. Before the meeting sisters Bean and Fletcher were bookends for elder Thorne and Brimley who are seen actually studying before the meeting. As we were waiting for the ZLs and elder Jones to come and start the meeting I noticed elder Thorne had not one but two cameras and I had to take that picture.

12mar13-dm-taking-pictures-1.jpg 12mar13-dm-taking-pictures-2.jpg 12mar13-dm-taking-pictures-3.jpg

This started a round of taking pictures of people talking pictures. Sister Bean and Fletcher are looking at pictures while elder Edwards takes one of me and it appears elder Smoot is sleeping. By now you know the cast and the pictures speak for themselves.

12mar13-dm-smoot-jones-van-not-taking.jpg 12mar13-dm-jones-taking-picture.jpg 12mar13-dm-bean-fletcher-edwards-picture.jpg

Elders SmootJones and Van Wagenen took a while to warm up to the idea but elder Jones did join in. I really like the shot of elder Edwards taking a picture of a picture on sister Fletcher’s camera. We are really easy to entertain.

12mar13-dm-edwards-smoot-jones-taking-pic.jpg 12mar13-cat-in-window.jpg 12mar13-dm-bagley-chavous.jpg

Elder Smoot woke up and joined in the picture taking. Only elder Van Wagenen did not take any pictures. After the picture taking the meeting settled down the work of the district with a discussion of goals and how to achieve them. Elder Jones had prepared an excellent lesson on how we need to purify ourselves and have our eyes single to the glory of God if we are gong to be the kind of missionaries the Lord needs. If you have followed this blog for any time you will know that I often take pictures of a couple of cats that are often setting in windows near our apartment. This morning we found a new one carefully looking over it’s kingdom and the boring people who walk by. Sisters Bagley and Chavous came in and looked at the new Zones with Pictures board that I had finished yesterday. Elder Beer will have to find some place else to do his graffiti. The sisters are are going to be trainers for two of the three new sister missionaries that came in today.

12mar13-dm-bares-steg-merrill.jpg 12mar13-dm-steg-lizard-merrill.jpg 12mar13-dm-steg-mary-merrill.jpg

Sister Stegelmeier is having a difficult time getting a duplicate driver’s license from Utah. She and sister Merrill came in to talk to elder Bare about what to do and the possibility of her getting a Florida license if she can not get one for Utah. She was a little upset when she found that I had put a picture of an African lizard over her picture. Sister Merrill is as usual laughing in the background. As she is also doing in the picture of her companion with Mary.  They are a powerful pair of missionaries who truly serve with all their heart, might, mind and strength to invite others to come unto Christ.