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Training the Trainers…

So we are four weeks into the transfer and it was time for President Anderson and the APs to have a meeting with all the new missionaries and their trainers. After the meeting many of the companionships came into the office to pickup supplies or drop off baptismal reports or perhaps just grab some snacks before heading back to their area.

27mar13-tt-edwards-with-bares.jpg 27mar13-tt-smoot-pink-pig.jpg 27mar13-tt-edwards-off-board.jpg

Before the TT crowd came through, elders Edwards and Smoot came in on their way to some interviews. Elder Edwards spoke with the Bares about getting all the baptismal records in as soon as possible while elder Smoot opened his Easter package from home. My favorite item in the box was this pink Porky Pooper! With a big smile on his face he said his mother liked sending thing like that! Good for sister Smoot! They happened to come in just as we were removing the pictures from the going home board. Elder Edwards will be leaving on May 11 so his picture came off.

27mar13-tt-smoot-death-row.jpg 27mar13-tt-piers-death-row.jpg 27mar13-tt-choiu-bagley-edwards-smoot.jpg

Elder Smoot saw his picture moved to the far end of Death Row – he still has a number of transfers – while ours moved the other end! Dun – Dun, Dun, Dun. Among the first companionships in from TT was sister Chiou and her trainer sister Bagley. Sister Chiou was one of those sisters who came in between transfers because she already had language skills.

27mar13-tt-choui-bagley.jpg 27mar13-tt-farley-syme.jpg 27mar13-tt-garcia-singleton.jpg

They introduced themselves to elder Singleton. It is always good to know the person responsible for making sure you get MSF funds each month. Sister Farley and her trainer sister Syme were in as was sister Garcia who talked to sister Singleton.

27mar13-tt-johnson-urmston.jpg 27mar13-tt-lira-melling.jpg 27mar13-tt-q-ware-glasses.jpg

Elder Urmston and his trainer elder Johnson takes a look at the board. Sister Lira is training sister Melling. Sister Quiocho is training  sister Ware and was happy to strike a pose for me and had a big smile.

27mar13-tt-quiocho-ware.jpg 27mar13-tt-whitney-diaz.jpg 27mar13-tt-williamson-harris-thorne-smoot.jpg

I mentioned that I could not see her eyes with the dark glasses on so I took another with them off. Sister. Elder Whitney and his trainer elder Diaz had their picture taken in the supply room. Elder Williamson showed off his great looking purple tie while his trainer, elder Harris’ tie was a little more subdued. In the background is the newest district leader, elder Thorne, and elder Smoot.

27mar13-tt-woodard-free.jpg 27mar13-tt-sisters-in-the-supplies.jpg 27mar13-tt-patino-lange.jpg

Elder Woodard and his trainer elder Free had big smiles for the camera. A group of sisters gathered in the supply room while elders Patino taught his trainee elder Lange how to eat as many snacks as he could while he had the chance.  Then as quickly as they came they left to head back to their areas so they could get their 8 blessings by the time they head back to their homes tonight.