Three New Sisters Join the Fort Lauderdale Mission

If a missionary arrives at the MTC and has good skills in the language they are going to be using in their mission, they are usually sent to the field after just 2 weeks of basic teaching skills training. We were happy to have three new above average Hermanas come in yesterday. All of them were already proficient in Spanish so they will have four extra weeks in the field to bring their brothers and sisters unto Christ.

sis-choui.jpgHermana Chiou will trained by sister Bagley in the Coconut Creek North area of the Coral Springs zone.

sis-smith.jpgHermana Smith will be serving with sisters Escobores and Chavous in the new Riverside Park North area of the Fort Lauderdale Zone.

sister-espinoza.jpgHermana Espinoza will be trained by sister Pickup in the Hollywood Hills West area also in the Fort Lauderdale Zone.

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