Blue Wednesday?

I have been doing this blog for over 6 years with breaks between missions. At first in Indonesia I wrote a lot and only put in a few pictures. In South Africa I wrote a little less and put in more pictures. Since we started this mission it has mainly pictures with the writing talking about the pictures and the people in them. I like this best…but I do like going back and reading what was going on in detail back in Indonesia. It will be interesting to see what happens with the next one.

lizard.png zebras-etc.png elephants.png

This is the picture of the lizard that sister Stegelmeier was unhappy about. I love the colors on it’s back. I do not remember seeing one of these when we were in South Africa. The scene with lots of different animals is also a typical but we did see things like this. We never got tired of seeing elephants. Especially herds with younger animals.

13mar13-gordon-dougal.jpg 13mar13-baby.jpg 13mar13-burt-andelin.jpg

Sisters Gordon and Dougal came in to get their new phone up and working. This young lady was born about Christmas time and had this head of hair even as she came into the world. Elders Burt and Andelin came in to pick up some supplies for the companionship of sisters in the new Riverside Park area. While they were here they also picked up some necessary supplies for themselves…missionaries are always hungry.

13mar13-bowen-gust.jpg 13mar13-bowen-gust-acevado-brown.jpg 13mar13-thorne-brimley-jones-andelin.jpg

We went to the Fort Lauderdale ward’s missionary correlation meeting and elder Bowen came in on an exchange with elder Gust. Bishop brown was a little less formal than usual – normally he has on his scout shirt. He explained that they are having their bedroom remodeled and he can not find any of his clothes. I told him it seemed like a good reason to me. I mentioned that the Fort Lauderdale district had Brown Thursday. As I was editing these pictures I noticed that elders Thorne, Brimley, Jones and Van Wagenen all had on Bruin blue ties and wondered if they also have Blue Thursdays!

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