Transfers…a very busy day

 Transfer day is always busy and long. Today it was a little longer and busier for us because we wanted to be at the chapel to say goodbye to the missionaries who were going to the temple and then going home on Thursday. We especially wanted to say goodbye to Elders Fitts, Larsen and Beard who we had the great opportunity to work closely with when they served here in the Fort Lauderdale area.

24-oct-12-transfers-and-grant.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-carnes-and-clayton.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-dowdle-trains-martineau.jpg

Elder Toeava is now serving with elder Grant in Jupiter South. Sisters Carnes and Clayton are serving in Hialeah East. Elder Dowdle is training elder Martineau in Homestead East.

24-oct-12-transfers-elder-diaz-trains-elder-ovard.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-elder-hunter-being-trained-by-chinchilla.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-elder-x-and-rellaford.jpg

Elder Diaz will train elder Ovard in Riverside North. Elder Hunter will be trained by elder Chinchilla in Fountainbleau. Elder H Taylor will be trained by elder Rellaford in Fort Lauderdale so we will have a good opportunity to get to know him.

24-oct-12-transfers-elders-patino-and-rondo.jpg  24-oct-12-transfers-elders-rivera-and-richardson.jpg  24-oct-12-transfers-elders-x-and-jones.jpg

Elders Patino and Rondo will serve in Fort Lauderdale East. Elder Rivera will train elder Richardson in West Palm Central. Elder Brockbank will be training with elder K Jones in the Coconut Creek Creole area.

24-oct-12-transfers-elders.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-harral-and-furner.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-holder-smith-and-aloi.jpg

Elders Free and Call will be serving in the Plantation area. We lost elder Harral to the Fort Pierce area where he will serve with elder Furner. There is now a trio of sisters serving in Coral Springs area – Holder, Smith and Aloi.

24-oct-12-transfers-hoole-and-turek.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-lee-and-pond.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-meredith-and-palacio.jpg

Elder Hoole will be training elder Turek in the Miami Shores Creole area. Elders Lee and Pond will be serving the Cypress Creek area. Elders Meredith and Palacio will be serving in Belle Glade.

24-oct-12-transfers-packhard-and-beck.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-pearce-and-maddox.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-plowman-and-conger.jpg

Sisters Packard and Beck will serve in Boynton Beach South. Elders Pearce and Maddox will be in Wellington. Our dear friends elders Plowman and Conger will serve together in Palm Beach South as Zone Leaders.

24-oct-12-transfers-rasmussen-and-nielsen.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-rivera-trains-robinson.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-samuelian-and-benitez.jpg

Elders Rasmussen and Nielsen are now in Coconut Creek North. Elder Rivera will train elder Richardson in West Palm Central – second shot! Elder Samuelian will be elder Benitez’ companion in North Miami Beach.

24-oct-12-transfers-shaffer-and-wood.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-sisters-chavous-and-andrus.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-sisters-johnson-and-holyan.jpg

Elder Shaffer has a new companion elder C Wood and will continue to serve in the Pines area as DL. Sisters Chavous  and Andrus are now serving in the Snapper Creek YSA. Sisters Johnson and Holyan will serve in the Nova YSA.

24-oct-12-transfers-sisters-quiocho-and-bagley.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-wardell-curtis.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-wilson-and-smoot-together-again.jpg

Sisters Quiocho and Bagley are serving in Miami Shores. Elders Wardell and Curtis will serve together in Blue Lagoon East. Two old friends, Elders Wilson and Smoot, will serve together in Boca Raton.

24-oct-12-transfers-sister-smith.jpg 24-oct-12-mary-on-couch.jpg 24-oct-12-transfers-the-elders-gather-after-meeting.jpg

When the group left for the temple this morning Sister Smith was left as the only sister at the chapel with lots of elders and that is not allowed. So we brought her home, gave her some breakfast and then she had a couple of hours of personal study time. Mary took advantage of the down time to use her iPad. After the transfer meeting there is a special meeting for new missionaries and their trainers. Other missionaries who are riding in cars with the those attending the latter meeting gather together and just enjoy talking to each other. After the meeting lunch is served.

We volunteered to stay and help with lunch – I am becoming an expert at heating up Angus cheeseburgers – so we got to eat with them and then help clean up. One of the great thing about having all these elders around is that there are plenty of hands to put up and take down tables and chairs.

fort-lauderdale-mormon-temple39.jpg fort-lauderdale-mormon-temple38.jpg fort-lauderdale-mormon-temple41.jpg

After office hours we went to the Mission Home to have the President sign some letters and to take him the money for the missionaries luggage expenses. When we got there he told us that the Angel Moroni was put on the temple earlier that day and brother Barry invited them to watch. He showed us a video of the process and later I took these pictures by president Acevedo off a website. Moroni is made of fiberglass and  has two lightening rods built in. They are grounded all the way down to the earth.

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