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The Assistants ….

oct-2012-avila-at-desk.jpg oct-2012-rippstein-at-desk.jpg 22-oct-12-rippstein-and-avila-burgers.jpg

A Week of Pictures…

oct-2012-sunset-close.jpg oct-17-2012-sunrise.jpg oct-2012-morning-reflection-pool-2.jpg

A Week ago Wednesday we were coming home from the Fort Lauderdale Ward mission correlation meeting and saw this beautiful sunset before us. The problem was finding some where to take a picture without having too many wires, buildings and other things in the way. This was the best I could do. The middle picture is a sunrise from our apartment. We get lots of beautiful sunrises and sometimes we even take the time to enjoy them. I like the end picture because of the reflection in the lake and the serenity of the scene in general.

oct-16-12-dm-rellaford-doman-patino-pond.jpg oct-16-12-dm-hoching-bishop-conger.jpg oct-2012-clouds-in-window.jpg

District meeting is on Tuesday and we always enjoy it. The picture on the right shows elders Rellaford, Doman, Patino, and Pond studying. Elders HoChing, Bishop and Conger are in the middle. Can you pick out who did not know they were having their picture taken? In September this district had more baptisms than some zones. They understand Faith + Obedience + Hard Work = Miracles. On our way back to the office after the meeting we stopped at Subway and I noticed how the sky was reflected in the large back window of this SUV. The cloud formations in Southern Florida are always changing.

oct-2012-tiffanys-building.jpg oct-2012-vacant-and-abandoned-notice.jpg

On Sunday we picked up an investigator at this building. The sign was on the door of the apartment next to them. There are too many of these kind of notices in Southern Florida.

13-oct-12-rainbow-over-lake-close.jpg oct-2012-ducks-getting-big.jpg oct-2012-lizard-in-the-mouth.jpg

Rainbow at the lake – The Ducklings are starting to fly – A lizard took up residence in our garden art.

17-oct-12-train-train-sis-dougal.jpg oct-17-2012-traintrain-missionaries-at-board.jpg oct-17-2012-traintrain-sis-sommerfeldt.jpg

Yesterday – Wednesday – was the Train the Trainers  meeting at the mission home and afterwards all the new missionaries and their trainers come into the office to pick up supplies, find some snacks and turn in baptism reports. I caught Sister Dougal coming out of the supply room. All missionaries when they visit the office have to spend some time checking out the departure board that shows all the missionaries and when they are going home. Among those shown are the two elder Browns, sisters Lake, Daines, Spujt and Dougal and others are finding where they are on the board and where friends are. Sister Sommerfeldt is the mission nurse and is kept very busy trying to make sure that any of the missionaries who are ill or injured are on the road to recovery.

oct-17-2012-traintrain-elder-olson-rockwood.jpg oct-17-2012-traintrain-elder-langford-sis-sommerfeldt.jpg oct-2012-elder-and-sister-bare-at-work.jpg

Elder Olson is smiling at elder Rockwood, elder Langford – who is really tall – is loading up some of the supplies they need  behind sister Sommerfeldt – while elder Bare is trying to figure out his calling as the new car czar – I mean vehicle coordinator. I can never get a good picture of sister Bare working because she is always in the corner trying to figure out what the missionaries were trying to write on the baptism and confirmation form. With the mission being on fires she is happy to get 25-45 new baptisms to record each week.