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Early on Transfer Day…Slightly Out of Order

24-oct-12-transfer-plowman-beard-larsen.jpg 24-oct-12-transfer-beard.jpg 24-oct-12-transfer-larsen-fitts-beard.jpg

Months ago we told Elder Beard and Fitts that we would drive them to the temple but things came up that did not make it practical to do that so we told them we would come down early on transfer morning and see them off to the temple. Hear are some of the pictures we took at 5:30 in the morning. Elder Plowman – who has served with elder Beard as Zone Leaders up in Palm Beach for the last couple of transfers – with elders Beard and Larsen. Elder Larsen has been district leader here in Fort Lauderdale for a number of transfers so we got to know him well. The last picture is of Elders Larsen, Fitts and Beard celebrating their approaching release date. I am sure this was the first time they were the least bit trunky.

24-oct-12-transfer-plowman-beard.jpg 24-oct-12-transfer-hancock-keyworth.jpg 24-oct-12-transfer-beard-larsen-fitts-us.jpg

A last picture of Elders Plowman and Beard and sister Hancock and Keyworth. We say goodbye to three great missionaries who we became close to while we served together.


In the evening when we went over to the Mission Home to meet elder Fitts’ family, I got this picture of Sisters Nielsen, Hancock and Keyworth who spent their last night in the mission at the Mission Home while the elders went off to La Quinta for the evening.

A P-Day Visit to the Temple Site…

27-oct-12-temple-moroni-front-distance.jpg 27-oct-12-temple-moroni-full-front.jpg 27-oct-12-temple-moroni-front-close.jpg

On one of the most beautiful days of our mission we had the opportunity to go by the temple site early and get some great pictures. These three are of the East side or entrance side of the temple. Moroni was put up on Wednesday and although we were not there to see it be installed we did get to see a video that President Anderson made of the event.

27-oct-12-temple-moroni-n-side-dist-with-tree.jpg 27-oct-12-temple-moroni-side-view-semi-close.jpg 27-oct-12-temple-moroni-side-view-close.jpg

These three pictures are of the North side of the temple. We found out that it will not be long before all the big equipment will be removed and they will start doing the preparation for landscaping.

27-oct-12-temple-moroni-full-window.jpg  27-oct-12-temple-moroni-window-detail.jpg 27-oct-12-temple-moroni-close-up.jpg

I was happy to see that one on of the windows was at least mostly installed. Each piece of glass is installed individually after the frame is in place. If you look closely you can see the beautiful details that will be beautiful to look at from inside or out side of the temple. If you look closely at the picture of Moroni you can see the two lightening rods that are to protect the temple from a strike.

By the time we leave in late April the temple should be getting close to being completed – we hope at least the landscaping will be all done. Now we just have to decide if we can come back for the dedication.