Daily Archives: October 8, 2012

Stories from President Anderson’s Letter

Each week I look forward to reading President Anderson’s letter to the missionaries because he shares a few of the great stories that he receives from the missionaries as they send in their weekly letters to the president. I told him that after their mission he should publish a book of these great stories.

“We spent most of the week on our bike so we didn’t run out of miles in our car. But because of it we met so many people and saw so many miracles from it. One of them was we had just got done with one of our lessons with a new investigator, at a members home, Martin. We were biking out of the trailer park and there were three guys sitting outside. We didn’t really want to talk to them, but we decided that we needed to. We asked if we could give them the blessing and they said yes. While we were praying Martin (the member) pulled up! After we got done praying we invited them to be baptized and they said they wanted to learn more. Martin told them to listen to us because we have the truth. In our next lesson they told us that in Mexico they had seen missionaries before, but they had never talked to them. They were waiting to see if we would contact them, and we did. We found three new investigators that we wouldn’t have found if we weren’t on our bikes! I wish we could have every member be like Martin. Members are such a huge help in the work!”


And another that shows the Lord does prepare people to hear the Gospel..


“We were just finishing up harvesting in a new apartment complex we found this week and as we were leaving we came across this awesome lady. We started talking to her and asked if we could pray with her. She was happy to let us pray with her and her boyfriend and after the blessing we invited them to be baptized and they accepted. The next day we went over and they were so excited to see us again. We asked how their day was going and they both said that because of our prayer they both got jobs. Both of them! By the end of us talking with them two of their friends came by and joined in on the conversation. We were praying, scripture reading, testifying, everything! After that we invited their friends to be baptized and they accepted too. I must say that it was the best night of my mission thus far.”