Daily Archives: October 15, 2012

President Anderson’s Letter – Two Experiences and a Lot of Love

 We look forward each Sunday or Monday for President Anderson’s weekly letter to the missionaries. He gives encouragement, shares insights from the scriptures and talks, and always includes two or three spiritual experiences from the letters he receives each week from the missionaries.

We did it!!! We again did what has not been done before!!! We broke our weekly baptismal record and got 41 last week!!! How proud I am to be serving with you, the greatest missionaries in the world in the greatest mission in the world. I know the rest of you will be participating this week and this month in our goal for October.”

“We were going to visit one of our baptismal dates and while walking over there we saw a family walking up the steps in a complex next door and I felt the Spirit whisper to me to go knock on their door. I set it aside and our baptismal date ended up not being home. As we were about to get back in the car I felt the Spirit whisper it to me once again. So I couldn’t deny what the Spirit was telling me and we went to go harvest that complex. The fourth door we knocked on was that family that we saw and they immediately let us in. They accepted baptism almost before we could even invite them! Then the next day when we went to go follow up she exclaimed, ‘Ya’ll were definitely sent from Jesus Christ. I’ve been searching for a job for months now and yesterday a half an hour after you left that blessing I got a call for an interview.’  It was a miracle and then she exclaimed how she desires so badly to change her life and be baptized. The Spirit led us to her home and because we headed to the promptings of the Spirit and put off the natural man her entire family will now have the gospel of Jesus Christ!”

 Your testimony that Christ has sent you to represent Him becomes obvious in the service you perform and the example of Jesus Christ you emulate:

 “We saw a man pushing his car all alone and we jumped out and started to push with him. He told us that we didn’t need to do that and ‘he was fine alone’.  I said ‘Jesus Christ sent us to help you, so that is what we are doing.’ I asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ, he said he wasn’t sure. It started pouring rain (Of course) on all of us as we continued to push, and he was taken back at our willingness to help him.  When we finished we were soaking wet! Dripping we asked him if we could pray with him and he said that would probably be good and he took us into his family. We prayed and testified to them that Jesus sent us in this moment to change your family’s life and his wife started to cry.  We then invited them to be baptized and they accepted. The next night we came and they told us that the day that we met them, they had decided to get divorced, and their car broke down, and everything else in the world was falling apart. She said she was so mad before the prayer but after, she said she felt some room in her heart to think about the situation and give their marriage another chance for her and the kids. The husband said this was one of the best experiences of his life and his faith in Jesus Christ has grown so much. They came to conference, and are getting baptized on Sunday.”